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Spouting bollocks from a distant land
He's had a good season by all accounts, but for me he's not record signing material. I read yesterday that he's already earning 60k/week at Palace. Any move would make him one of our highest earners. Combined with the 30m minimum to sign him, and now the AFCON stuff and... it's a pass for me.

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'Crystal Palace will believe they can keep hold of Wilfried Zaha despite a barrage of bids in the summer after it was revealed he has four years left on his contract.'( daily Mail)
What with African Cup commitments and this, looking unlikely Levy will buy him.
But when our players have four years remaining on their contracts it means fuck all.
Gotta love DailyFail

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Chess extraordinaire
£70,000,000 is too much. Sorry.

There's dozens of players out there who are better than Zaha who we could possibly get for half of that.

Its not even a statement. Its a total waste of money for someone who would warm our bench more often than not.
One word. Moura.
Let’s see how he does with a pre season under his belt before we all start falling over our tongues, dicks or both about a lad who would cost the Earth, never cut it under Fergie (who promoted youth when people laughed at idea) & seems to thrive being the big fish in Palace’s small pond.

£70 million for him is almost as funny as the £40 million being quoted for Grealish. Almost.
I ended up watching a lot Palace this season, Zaha has been excellent and I like him as a player, but £70m... not sure about that.

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