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I would definitely have him, showed a far greater work ethic than I thought and looks a Poch player. That pace and directness off Kane would be scary.

Give them Sissoko (an Allardyce type player) and £20m and get a deal done quickly after the season ends.
One thing that has to be considered is that Townsend has also starred for them along with Zaha, yet Townsend was considered surplus to requirements with us? Is Zaha just a big fish in a small pond?
I've been watching him very carefully lately and he is a very very good player in my opinion. Great feet, serious pace, really good work rate and would fit in Poch's system no doubt. The only thing that let's him down at times is his decision making but that should come in time. He is the exact kind of player we need and he has played well against all the big clubs recently which is always a good sign. I'm hoping we sign him as not only is he good, he has done his aprenticeship in the league. It's a big yes from me!

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Big fish in a small pond....
And as he is English we will have to overpay, don't get me wrong I think he is good, but he would just be a squad player. Can't see him starting many PL games and with a limited transfer budget I would rather have a player who is going to be playing so good that Poch has no choice but to start him, then who do we drop?
This is the postison we want Poch to be in......
Unless we can get him on the cheap it's a no for me........
Based on this season I'd say yes he would improve our squad, not sure if we'd need so much should Lamela be fit. However looking at some of the stories, like Douglas Costa, Zaha etc I wonder if Poch wants that ability to play out and out wingers in a 442/4411 as well as our 3 at the back, last night was forced as such due to wanyama nearly being sent off but tactically going to 4 at the back it worked better against Palace who just wanted to spoil.
My one concern with Zaha is his time at Man U. Obviously it didn't pan out and yes that could be because he wasn't the big fish in a small pond, may have been that Moyes plays dreadful football but I'd argue no worse than Allardyce although he was like a Fish out of water in charge at UTD anyhow I digress, the issue came after Zaha left, I saw an interview with the boy where he could hardly put two words together, it was hard to piece together but I think what he said was that he wasn't allowed to express himself and taking instructions on to the pitch and trying to remember what he'd learned in training overwhelmed him. Now I know he's had a chance to grow, mature, raise his IQ but the fact Poch demands so much from his players tactically (Eriksen being the best example) I'm not sur Zaha will ever be able to cope with that.
That being said if we get a chance to swap him for Sissoko I'm in!
Never been a fan, too flaky and goes missing. However i would say that when i have seen him this season he has looked good, not great, just good.

Will he be a player that enhances our squad? No. Squad player at most and given what we would need to pay for him i would rather nkoudou was given more minutes on the pitch.
I think we have less need for him if we have Lamela fit but wouldn't say no for the right price. Unfortunately based on the fact he's english the price won't be right
I do not think a traditional winger like him would fit into our first eleven unless we would change our main formation(s) to suit him. In theory he could've been a great impact player from the bench in games where we need to change it up, but I believe he's the kind of player that needs to be a first choice, star player to have the confidence needed to shine.

My vote is: No
(But then I was sceptical to Wanyama and wanted Sissoko, so wtf do I know...)
I was at the CFC match where Palace beat them 2-1. Zaha was all over them like a rash. Very strong runner.

If we're playing 60 matches next season, and wanting to win them all, I'd like him.

Dont know where that leaves GKN.

40m not such a problem, there are non-starters we could sell.
It is interesting because I have been a big advocate of Zaha.

Now 24 years of age I believe so not a spring chicken and some habits that will be hard to eradicate. Contrast Ronaldo and the changes he made from flashy prancer to one of the two best players of the last decade. I also think you have to contemplate who he would/could replace from our current starting 11 and what he would bring?

What he has is all the things mentioned. Pace, no shortage of power and better delivery.

What he has yet to display in my opinion is if he knows how to solve a problem of a difficult opponent.

What we can't know is if he has it in him to be a medium or big fish in a pretty big pond.

I lean to yes but tip to no at anythimg beyond 25 million pounds.
I've read that Palace have offered him 120k a week and value him at 40 mill, if true, i feel that's way too much for a player that doesn't walk into our first eleven, so on that basis it's a no from me.

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I've read that Palace have offered him 120k a week and value him at 40 mill, if true, i feel that's way too much for a player that doesn't walk into our first eleven, so on that basis it's a no from me.
£120k a week for Zaha?
If that's the going rate, I shudder to think how much players like Eriksen could command. Or any of our squad to be honest.
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