Your opinion on these ex Spurs players

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Well Ferguson looking happy becuase Gerrard handed the title to Man City I suppose is a clue.
However I doubt today, despite what Pogba says, that Liverpool are more of a rival than City.
If Man Utd keep that belief up then they will soon be the noisy neighbours in Manchester.
Since that famous slip Man City are about to have won 2 titles, finished runners up and 3rd whilst Man Utd are maybe about to have finished in the top 4 twice.
United have won 3 trophies since Moyes was appointed. City have also won 3.

City have underperformed terribly... until now.

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If you keep disagreeing with every post I make like a 12 year old girl, not to mention your wrongful accusation, I will make your life on this forum a living hell. I will follow you around this forum, disagree with everything you post and quote it just for kicks.
Ha, what a nutjob!


Here's my tuppence worth:

  • Darren Anderton - excellent player who'd have had 100+ caps were it not for the fact he was made out of tissue paper.
  • Sol Campbell - Great centre half. Oh yeah, and a complete and utter cunt.
  • Robbie Keane - Should never have come back, and in spite of all his pointy shouty moments, he had some superb games for us
  • Jermain Defoe - Great striker for us, but I won't lie, l never completely took to him as I know he's a Woolwich fan
  • Aaron Lennon - On his day unplayable as a winger - with a great work rate. I'll remember him roasting Evra time and time again, smashing home the winner against the Chavs, and one time at an England training camp I saw a clip on Sky Sports news of him running at John Terry. He ran full pelt twisting and turning and Terry couldn't cope and simply fell over on his arse. Superb.
  • Tom Huddlestone - fat
  • Michael Carrick - lovely footballer, almost scored one of the greatest goals I'd have ever seen when I went to Highbury for the last NLD there. I'm sure he dribbled past the entire Woolwich team twice!
  • Wilson Palacios - good for a while, then got crap. Guaranteed booking.
  • Dimitar Berbatov - Lovely striker to watch - shame he cunted us off.
  • William Gallas - cunt bag that I never wanted us to sign.
  • Rafael van der Vaart - He was to us what Pires was to the Scum. Just loved scoring against them (and did it plenty). What a fucking player. Just fucking love him.
  • Luka Modrić - unbelievable midfielder. An absolute joy to watch in every game.
  • Gareth Bale - Thank god he finally learnt to shoot, because all those Row Z shots were starting to piss me off. Became a great player...I'm sure that's all down to 'Arry though.
  • Emmanuel Adebayor - did a job, but unfortunately turned back into the cunt we all knew he was when we signed him.
  • Nabil Bentaleb - could have been an excellent player for us. Shame about his entourage. Twat.


RIP Cheeseroom
OK I'll have a go. Will comment on ability and status.
  • Darren Anderton - decimated by injuries, still made loads of appearances. A stalwart for us, borderline legendary status. A very good player overall with great crossing who it is said turned down Man Utd. Also, thanks for the autograph!
  • Sol Campbell - just no.
  • Robbie Keane - good but not quite great player. Consistent and skilful. 'Dream move' to Liverpool lowers his status in my eyes - I get it but not cool. Still like him but not a legend.
  • Jermain Defoe - good player who didn't understand the offside rule. Aged like a fine wine. Good heart, on and off the pitch - deservedly fondly remembered.
  • Aaron Lennon - tricky, frightened average defenders. Decent finisher with no long-range shot. Never really adapted his game which held him back. Excited by him in his early years and in 2009-10. Has had his issues off the pitch which I wish him well with.
  • Tom Huddlestone - big strengths, big weaknesses, big bloke. Lack of mobility a serious problem but lovely skill and touch. Has had a decent career in the PL, which is about right.
  • Michael Carrick - excellent player who we struggled to replace. Understated, technically pretty sound but moreover could read the game superbly. Best years at United, don't think of him as Spurs.
  • Wilson Palacios - great first season, very willing with average-ish ability and would tackle anything that moved! Then, hit by appalling personal tragedies. Wish him well.
  • Dimitar Berbatov - best first touch ever? Such a classy player then fucked off to Man United. I couldn't hate someone with that level of ability who gave us some great moments but I wish he hadn't left on those terms, I would remember him as a legend otherwise.
  • William Gallas - wary at first for obvious reasons but did a solid job for us. Fine.
  • Rafael van der Vaart - legend on the pitch, probably the most 'Spurs' player I have ever seen. Properly hated the scum too! Status compromised by off-field behaviour.
  • Luka Modrić - possibly the best CM I have ever seen for us. Crazily good and got better at Madrid. Don't hate him but not a legend either.
  • Gareth Bale - unstoppable in the end, you just knew he was passing through by his final season. Feelings - ditto Modric. Unlike Luka I think we saw the best of him though.
  • Emmanuel Adebayor - incredible on his day, which wasn't all that often. Loads of talent and even more baggage. I wish him well though - bit of a character by all accounts.
  • Nabil Bentaleb - bit of a nothing player, seems the odd one out on the list. Heard he had a bad attitude and Poch was glad to get rid - the right call.
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Ok my shout

Darren Anderson
Felt sorry for Sicknote as his delivery on crosses was excellent

Cunt and no other word fits

Robbie Keane
Liked him. Gave 100% and he had bottle once slotting in a last min penalty against Woolwich to level the game after a lengthy delay

Jermaine Defoe
Liked him. Great goal scorer and lovely guy as I met him in the car park at Sainsbury’s in Hazlemere once and had a chat (the blonde in his car was gorgeous)

Aaron Lennon
Liked him. Never fulfilled his potential for me but scored against Woolwich
Pleased he seems to have sorted out his mental problems

Tom Huddlestone
Rated him but another who didn’t fulfill his potential mostly due to his own self discipline with his weight. Good passer of ball though and should have been an England regular

Michael Carrick
Liked him and was gutted to lose him especially to that shower!

Wilson Palacios
Rated him when he first arrived but fell away due to personal problems sadly

Dimitar Berbatov
Great player and wonderful to watch but acting like a spoilt brat at the end forever tarnished him for me

William Gallas
Never rated him and could never understand why we signed him

Raphael Van Der Vart
Loved him. True class and one of our best buys ever

Luca Modric
Loved him and wish he still played for us

Gareth Bale
Once he reverted from full back one of our best ever players. Sometimes unplayable

Emmanuel Adebayor
All the skill, technique and physical presence you could want but no heart although I loved his goal celebration against Woolwich when he played for Citeh

Nabil Bentelab
Never rated him and his showboating really wound me up especially when we conceded at OT that time
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