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I'm very rarely proud of myself
Louis XVI said:
Spurs Community. I haven't seen such a revolting collection of slimy cunts and slippery arseholes since I last cut open a sausage.

Special mention for SS57. I cunt of unimaginable proportions.
Tremendous sausage comment. Rep time.

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Hell no, you should take a look at the websites for Football League clubs. All seemingly contractually obligated to the same dogshit template.
I posted on Spurs Community for a while. There are some massive 'preacher' style posters there, but some are OK.

I have mixed feelings about COYS. On one hand there are some really good posters there, on the other hand, the Mods are so over bearing it's unreal.

I won't go into too much detail about what they did to me after having been banned, but they undoubtedly crossed the line of reasonable behaviour.

Let me put it like this - several of the people I've spoken to about it have suggested I take legal advice as to how to react. Frankly I can't be bothered, life's too short, but I still cannot believe what they did.

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