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I was 45. About 35 minutes ago. Now I'm 46. So yes it's my birthday today and I'm off work tomorrow so still up :sonpoint:

My Dad took me to Middlesborough at home in 1980. At 7 football hadn't really got me until that point. No older brother or anything like that and my Dad wasn't even with my Mum by that point so I sort of didn't get football.

But fuck me after one game in the old wooden West Stand watching us win 3-2 (I think?) I was hooked.

Didn't miss (barely) a home game after that for a decade, many away days too. The early 80s FA cup semis and finals, the UEFA final in 84 when as an 11 year old I cried like a banshee on several occasions, was all great. Saw Pleat build a fantastic side, Venables rebuild us and then we shot ourselves in the foot repeatedly. Was almost comical looking back.

Every time we got a sniff of getting back to the top table we would implode, often through reasons unrelated to the football pitch.

That's why I appreciate this current era so much and am acutely conscious it could change again and pretty swiftly because that's Spurs and that's football.
Happy Birthday!

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My grandma died on 26th December 1960 and my Grandad came to live with us. He used to do the football pools and we watched the football results every Saturday afternoon. He got me interested in football. Tottenham, Wolves or Sheffield Wednesday were the teams going for the first division title. Tottenham were the nearest team to me and so I started supporting them. Watching the 1961 cup final on TV was the first time I saw them play. My older cousin took me to see my first match at WHL in 1963 against Burnley. It was not until I passed my driving test and was mobile that I was able to go regularily in 1970,
So the first year I supported them we won the double.
I was born in 1961, but not till October, so due to my parents' poor copulation and gestation timing skills I have never been alive when we have won the league.

Thanks a million mum and dad

*Shakes angry fist heaven-wards then feels bad and sheepishly says sorry*


The Fighting Cock
Thelonious World Peace
The team name was unique and I loved Glenn Hoddle, that's all it took tbh. Neither of my parents were into football, my elder brother is a Liverpool fan but thankfully he never forced that on me.

LLB Part Deux

Armchair fan. I fucking love armchairs.
I didn't have a club until I was maybe 9 years old. I was terrible at football then, and didn't get much better with age. Never the less, when one of the popular kids cornered me in the playground and asked me "So, who do you support then?" I looked down and noticed he was wearing a 'Spurs Magic' badge.

"Spurs?" I said.

"Good man" he said.

I remember that, but obviously wasn't a proper Spurs fan at the time as don't remember our 1984 UEFA Cup win. Probably my first real memory of Spurs was the disappointment of the 1987 FA Cup final, which is probably quite fitting given the following 20 years.
Pure chance. As an (almost) elderly yank, I never played English football, and it was not on TV. But I love sports. Went on holiday to England in 1994, and wanted a team shirt. Went to Harrod's. I did not know that the name of the team was not prominently displayed, and did not want something that merely said Samsung, or AON, or Holsten. But, they had a nice T-shirt that said Tottenham Hotspur, which sounded great. Spurs were also mentioned in Bedknobs and Broomsticks movie that my kids watched.
I started reading about the team and loved their history. Games started to be televised and I was hooked. I love the game. I have seen the team twice over here, and got to speak to Harry Kane at a practice in 2015. Will be coming over to see a game in 2020. My whole family now supports Spurs.
My folks moved from Ireland to North London in the mid 60's, my uncle lived there too. My grandad had been a spurs fan as well, then my old lad who passed it down to me and my brother and we've passed it down to my wee fella and his two boys who are all spurs mad as well. Four generations in our family and we all have a little London in us.
Brother has spent 90% of his life there and I was moved back to Ireland as a kid but am always over. Lived in N2 for 5 years in AVB & Redknapps days when I went to most home games which was amazing.

First league game was 1-0 Woolwich jan 2nd 1995-Popescu scored the winner. Saw us twice before in friendlies in Dublin and in London but will never forget the walk up the high rd for that first derby night from my Uncles gaff in seven sisters.
That game, the Inter 3-1, beating Chelsea for the first time in fucking years when Lennon scored prob my fav three games I've been to at the lane.

Barca away and dortmund home have been the best games I've been to in the last two years, I've only been to Wembley 5 or 6 times since we moved tbh and I cannot fucking wait to get back to the lane-will be at the city game by hook or by crook!
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On my daddy's side they settled in New England in the 1670's from Norfolk . By 1740 the they had moved to up state New York and farmed . During the Revolution or some would say civil war they served with Butlers Rangers , a loyalist frontier unit .
After 1783 they moved to Ontario Canada for safety.
100 years later with the Klondike gold rush they moved to Yukon.
My great granddaddy during ww2 served in bomber command with the RCAF. A tail end Charlie on Sterling's , then Lancasters .
He met my Grandmama in a visit to London who was from Enfield . Her father would watch Spurs every home game in the old second division in the 30s.
After the war they went back to Canada and that was the seed . With many distance relatives visiting and bringing presents like Posters , Scarfs from the UK the link was strong and there could never be another team.
A simple version dudes .
1670......We have a Winner.
In the early 2000s I would frequent a bar in Hoboken, New Jersey called McSwiggans. They had 2 bartenders, Paul and Steve, from north London. Paul and Steve were big Tottenham fans and if I could come in an talk a little Casey Keller, Darren Anderton and others with them, more free beers would show up in front of me. I eventually started watching some games with them at the bar across the street. I've been Spurs ever since.
I have no actual defining moment that I can call on as to why I supported Spurs. I grew up in Potters Bar and there seemed to be loads of Spurs fans around, most of my mates at school seemed to support them, although my best friend at the time was massive Chelsea fan (an entire family, several generations, all ST holders). By the age of 7 I was football mad, although the vast majority of live games at the time I saw were with my mates Chav family (fantastic memories nonetheless, his Grandad had a Jensen Interceptor, if I close my eyes I can still smell the leather now. We would all cram into the car and head over to Stamford Bridge via a Pub in Little Venice).

In addition to mainly going to Chelsea at this time, I was taken to about 4 or 5 Tottenham games per season by a mates Dad, who was a Season ticket holder in East Stand (upper). I think this was '74/'75/'76.

My true lightning bolt moment, when I fell in love with the game and Spurs (when the obsession started) came in 1978, the Argentine World Cup was the like I've never seen and then of cause us signing Ossie and Ricky only a couple of weeks later, I was ten. My profile pic has me (behind the copper) chucking ticker tape welcoming Ossie & Ricky to The Lane. This day was amazing, with at least 15 of us (school mates, Dad's, Uncles, Mums, local Cafe owner, next door neighbour etc.) all left in convoy to Tottenham (my Chav supporting family were all there, just to see Ossie & Ricky!!).

Moved that year or the following to Enfield, where I came into contact with the scum for the first time. Lived in North London for most of my life (Edmonton, Palmers Green, Enfield, Winchmore Hill & Tottenham) with a few stints abroad, but Tottenham has been the one true constant in my life, from boy to man, I like that and I can't ever see that changing.

Up The Spurs!
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Started working at Spurs when I was 16 as a program seller. I remember before the game getting to walk around the edge of the pitch with my manager Ian. WHL felt magical. Started sneaking into all of the games using my program sellers pass. An older lad showed me a place to stand at the edge of Block 30 in the shelf and I was hooked. Even though we were absolutey shit at that time I like the camaraderie and just felt like I belonged. Lucky enough to have a season ticket of my own now and try to go to every game, home and away.
Interesting to read everyone's stories and the tiny twists of fate that end up causing such a big part of your life, a bit like how people end up meeting their wife/husband.

Mine was quite simple. Dad was/is a very loyal, home and away, yid. He grew up 5 mins walk from the Lane, so became Spurs even though his dad was a gooner from Islington! When I got into football as a kid, I never thought about which team to support, there was no decision, I was just Spurs. Now I live walking distance from the ground myself, and try and get to all home and domestic aways, plus one Euro trip a year.

Too many memories to recount, but my first game was incredibly Spursy so I will recount that...last game of the season around 92, we were 3-0 up at Everton at half time. I said to my dad, we should win now, shouldn't we? My dad said, I'm not sure, you never know with Spurs. Ended 3-3!

Highlights- if I'm honest- have been the two trophy wins I've seen (the two league cups), watching us win away at Woolwich (3-2), the 4-4, watching us win at United twice, the 3-2 Bale game at West Ham, the 3-1 at Palace when we were going for the league and Dele scored that screamer, and going to watch us in weird and interesting places like Baku, Donetsk, Tromso, and others.
Had cable tv since I was like 12. Was a crazy football fanatic since I was six. The 2002 World Cup made me love football and my dear father started taking me to the coffee(Portuguese version of pub) to watch Porto games since then. I became hooked with Porto right of the bat. Didn’t matter if I had school next day and the game ended at 11 pm. I would watch the game. But continuing to spurs story. I started religiously following English football in 2004. Mourinho going there with Porto stars and ronaldo becoming a global star was a big factor. But I never felt a bound to chelsea or united despite Portuguese presence. But in 2009 i started to really like to watch bale and Tottenham play. Then the 2010 champions league campaign boom hit me hard. I remember watching Milan - Tottenham and just rooting so much for spurs and fought “hey I really like these guys”. And the rest is history.
Fairly straight forward route for me.
My Grand dad was Spurs, as was my Dad,and i was born in(and lived )in a Spurs area, Enfield.
I didn't really have a say in the matter,and wouldn't want it any other way.
My mum wasn't a football fan, but 3 of her brothers were Spurs mad.

We later moved to Hoddesdon, Herts which is a massive Spurs area,so i never even had the temptation to change sides as i got older(not that i would have,as i have never got my head round that).
Supported them for as long as i can remember,even as a toddler when i didn't really understand why, i still knew Tottenham were my team.
First game was November 27th 1976 V Stoke,we won 2-0 Keith Osgood getting both.Great start,but the season wasn't our best,we got relegated...
Too many highlights to mention them all, but
beating Bristol Rovers 9-0.
Beating Hull 1-0 to stand a chance of promotion at the final game of the season at the Dell.
The FA cup semi final replay 81, the Final replay (never thought i'd see us win the cup)
Portsmouth in the cup 91, just a blinding day all round.
Man City in the quarter finals ,same year,and same reason as above(EDIT , this wasn't the same year :) ).
Etc etc I wont bore you any more ,as i am sure you have similar
Low points
Getting relegated
Jennings leaving
Scholar etc nearly bankrupting us
The Venables/Sugar fall out( i really believed we were building a youth policy that would have seen us win the league)
The old shelf going
The Milford and British Queen shutting down
Watching those wrong uns up the road winning loads in the 90s/00s
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Mum's side of the family all from Edmonton/Tottenham originally going back to the mid-1800's (doing some ancestry research recently she even found a great-uncle that actually lived on White Hart Lane!).

Paternal grandparents came over to East London from Jamaica in the 50's so weren't really into English football, but my dad and uncles all became Spurs too, so it's in the blood!
Mum's side of the family all from Edmonton/Tottenham originally going back to the mid-1800's (doing some ancestry research recently she even found a great-uncle that actually lived on White Hart Lane!).

Paternal grandparents came over to East London from Jamaica in the 50's so weren't really into English football, but my dad and uncles all became Spurs too, so it's in the blood!
Good luck with the Ancestry research,.Done mine,really interesting, but takes over your life a bit.
Good luck with the Ancestry research,.Done mine,really interesting, but takes over your life a bit.
Haha I hear that about taking over your life! It's my mum that's been doing it recently and putting some serious hours in, think shes got 400+ people or something ridiculous like that in the family tree now


I'm happy I get to see/hear the info without putting in the effort :)


Where's the Kaboom?
I made that up. I just liked the name. When I lived in the grim north I loosely followed Wednesday. We came back down here and I latched on to the Hotspur bit.

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Grew up in Tottenham around Bruce Grove and went to St Francis school across the road from the ground so there was only one team I was ever going to support. Everyone at school was Spurs. My dad had lived in Highbury with his brothers before he married my mum and used to go to Woolwich one week and WHL the next. Once I got into football I made sure it was Spurs all the way for him. First game at home to Stoke in 1972. Will never forget that first sight of the pitch and the sound of the crowd that day. Too many great memories but the ticker tape reception for Ardiles and Villa in their first home game against Aston Villa stands out. The 1982 quarter final at Chelsea was another amazing day - 14,000 of us taking the piss. Fell out of the habit a little bit in the 90s but love it more than ever these days.
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