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It's funny over here, my mum was a long standing United fan right from pre-Munich times, my dad was an Everton fan because his aunt used to date an Everton player and knew Dixie Dean.
My eldest brother was Leeds because he was a glory hunting cunt and it was the Don Revie days, the next brother was a Chelsea fan mainly because of Peter Osgood, but he got bored with them being shit and took up Crystal Palace when El Tel was there and they were "the team of the Eighties", my youngest brother was United like mum, but magically became a Liverpool fan overnight when they won the European Cup...something for which he has got terrible abuse for ever since United knocked them off their perch.
My eldest brother tried to indoctrinate me into being a Leeds fan, which worked for a while until I realised what a horrible bunch of cunts they were, I then spent a few years in a teamless wilderness until the 78 World Cup which was the first one I really took an interest in.....and the rest as they say is history...

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Nice stories!

Mine isn't the usual route either. My dad hated sport, he took me to a Norwich game when I first started liking football at about 7 or so (don't remember against who, no one famous, Norwich were in the low 2nd Division, maybe even the 3rd) but bless him, he didn't "get it" so we sat in the posh seats, he didn't get me a scarf or a programme or any of that stuff, didn't know who the favourite players were so we went, watched the game in near silence and then came home, I wasn't "caught". I also didn't know you could only support one team, so I picked three, because I liked the names - Spurs, Wolves and for some weird reason, West Brom (hardly an exotic name, but I suppose it must have seemed so to a young boy in rural Norfolk). I started to get Shoot magazine or whatever it was called in the late 60s, and Spurs were in it a lot, so I started going towards them and by the time I was 9 or so, that was my team.

A couple of years later, my sister went to London to go to Uni and started going out with a mad Spurs fan (now my Brother-in-Law). First time I went to London he took me to a Boxing Day game versus West Ham, he bought me a navy silk scarf with Tottenham on one side and Park Lane End on the other, takes me down the front of said end. Bill Nick came round, shaking people's hands so Ian pushed out mine and Mr Tottenham duly shook it.

No going back after that!
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Foreign fan here (and long-time lurker). Really started following football around 2008 and rather unconventionally grew very fond of the Russian team at the EUROs in 2008 that knocked out the Netherlands in the QF (Arshavin, Zhirkov, Pavlyuchenko - that lot). After the tournament I wanted to keep track of the rising Russian stars who were now rumoured to join all the big European sides. Pavlyuchenko (even linked with Barcelona) and Arshavin were probably my favourite players and as soon as Pav joined Spurs I started watching all the games, sometimes on Danish TV or otherwise the early days of online streaming. Love at first sight though I spend a lot of time hating on the other strikers that were sometimes preferred to the great Pavlyuchenko. The great cliffhanger is obviously that Arshavin was rumoured to join Woolwich that exact summer - but it didn't happen before the following January. I sometimes wonder what might have been ;)

I've watched pretty much all our games since that summer and moved to London for university the summer Pochettino arrived. Went to a few games at the Lane, first one was the 0-0-draw against Palace where Soldado missed a couple of sitters and Lamela was withdrawn at half time. The last season at the Lane was heavily affected by the limited availability but once we moved to Wembley I had the chance to go more regularly. I've now left the UK but follow the team more intensively than ever and successfully converted my otherwise non-football interested brother into an avid supporter. Can't wait to go to the new stadium and can't really imagine life without Spurs.
Grew up in Thamesmead, born in Woolwich Mother and Babies (long since demolished) and my mum was a nurse at The Brook.
Extended family, thankfully, were from Wood Green, Edmonton and Finsbury Park, so my brother started to go to Spurs with my cousins and we'd be up there a lot.

As a kid I remember looking at this kit hanging in his cupboard

Still can see how silky it was, and how rich the navy looked against the white. I got all his hand me downs, and never looked back, started around 6 I think........42 now.
My brother had that shirt, then me lol

Gutted that we lost it, loved that shirt. Had the 1984 UEFA Cup shirt, lost that as well

Pattern developing here

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How did I become a Spurs fan....fate I guess.

Back in 1980/81, I was about 5 or 6 and my parents had given me one of those league table charts where you could move the teams up and down every week depending on the results, similar to the below.

I saw the name "TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR", and thought that was the best football team name ever. That was it for me.

Interestingly, I had no football influence from anyone as a young kid (my old man hated football), but I found out later in life, that half my football supporting family are Spurs, and the other half Woolwich.


In 1961 I was a 7 yr old boy watching the FA Cup final
Us v Leicester

Bobby Smith scored in the 2nd half
Followed by Dyson

Couldn’t believe the scenes

Hooked ever since
My grandma died on 26th December 1960 and my Grandad came to live with us. He used to do the football pools and we watched the football results every Saturday afternoon. He got me interested in football. Tottenham, Wolves or Sheffield Wednesday were the teams going for the first division title. Tottenham were the nearest team to me and so I started supporting them. Watching the 1961 cup final on TV was the first time I saw them play. My older cousin took me to see my first match at WHL in 1963 against Burnley. It was not until I passed my driving test and was mobile that I was able to go regularily in 1970,
So the first year I supported them we won the double.


Tottenham till I die
Lacking the lifelong love for Spurs since we’ve only been able to watch for a few years. But I didn’t want to be a front runner and choose United, Woolwich or Pool like most yanks.

Went with Spurs because I love an underdog, but not so much of an underdog that I wanted to risk picking a team battling for relegation. Read the history, watched more games, got to know the players and Poch and have been a huge fan for the past few years. Can’t wait to get to the new stadium. Hopefully next season.
Another foreigner, and long-time lurker. Growing up in NZ in the late 90s/early 2000s the only teams that seemed to get attention in the news were United and Woolwich. As a result, I'd say most kids grew up supporting those teams unless you were fortunate to have parents that let you stay up after midnight to watch matches on the weekend. Luckily, I was allowed to watch matches with my grandfather, a Spurs fan since he was a boy. While the results weren't always pretty, I loved watching Spurs and haven't looked back since. I wake up at all hours of the night to make sure I watch the boys play.

I'd been wanting to go to a match for so many years, to travel halfway across the world to see Spurs play, with my grandfather. Last year, on the day the Champions League draw came out, I said to my girlfriend "do you think we could be in Barcelona on December 11?" She said yes, and we booked our flights a couple of weeks later. We flew to London, and were there the day we pumped Chelsea, and we went to check out the new stadium. We watched the NLD in a pub in Granada, surrounded by Woolwich fans. And we were there to watch the boys perform the great escape at the Camp Nou. I get shivers everytime I think about us going nuts when we scored the equaliser, at the final whistle, and the moment we found out the Inter result. Unfortunately, my grandfather couldn't join us on that trip, but him and I have already made plans to see the boys play at NWHL in the next couple of years.
Brought up in Tottenham.
My dad took me to my first games in 1959 when I was seven years old.
He took me to see Woolwich as well so I could make up my own mind.
Even at seven years of age I knew shit when I saw it.
We are Tottenham. How did we get here? Lets hear your stories of how you became a yid.

I am 45. My family are all Liverpool and Woolwich about 50/50. Except my favourite aunt who has now passed sadly. She liked Spurs and I loved her. This was when I was about 4 maybe 5. She bought me my first kit.

About 1980. I was in from there. 7 years old. My first memories are 1981 FA cup replay and 1984 UEFA cup final. It was along time ago so forgive me. This is going to sound racist but it isn't really. My only memory of the 1981 cup replay is my aunt saying "You can only see his teeth" In reference to poor picture quality and Garth Crooks being in the shade at wembley. It's my first memory so i can't help it.

Second was the penalty shoot out against Anderlecht in 84. No memory of the game but i can still see Tony Parks celebrating the win.

I had a great polaroid of my my unc and my bro (both reds) after the 84 (Liverpool away) win as we left the ground. They were so gutted. Sadly i lost it. It would be my profile pic if i still had it.

Would be great to hear your stories.

All these cunt offs. You are passionate so lets hear why!
I was 45. About 35 minutes ago. Now I'm 46. So yes it's my birthday today and I'm off work tomorrow so still up :sonpoint:

My Dad took me to Middlesborough at home in 1980. At 7 football hadn't really got me until that point. No older brother or anything like that and my Dad wasn't even with my Mum by that point so I sort of didn't get football.

But fuck me after one game in the old wooden West Stand watching us win 3-2 (I think?) I was hooked.

Didn't miss (barely) a home game after that for a decade, many away days too. The early 80s FA cup semis and finals, the UEFA final in 84 when as an 11 year old I cried like a banshee on several occasions, was all great. Saw Pleat build a fantastic side, Venables rebuild us and then we shot ourselves in the foot repeatedly. Was almost comical looking back.

Every time we got a sniff of getting back to the top table we would implode, often through reasons unrelated to the football pitch.

That's why I appreciate this current era so much and am acutely conscious it could change again and pretty swiftly because that's Spurs and that's football.
My Dad passed away in September 2017. I found out recently from his older brother (my uncle obvs) that in his early teens he actually went to watch Arse first a couple of time (lived in Archway).

Apparently there was some 'trouble' (I read that as dirty scum now) there and my Grandad forbade him to go to Highbury anymore but was ok with him going with his mates to WHL so that's where he went. And from that I became a Spurs fan as are my daughters (sort of).

It's funny really the close margins, I grew up nearer the scum ground than WHL but now the thought that I could be worshipping some c**t who slaps on a children's toy mask after he scores a goal frankly send a shiver down my spine.
Some of your stories are impressive! As a Scottish guy who grew up in Brazil I don't have any ancestral ties to the club but I developed a love for the way the Luka Modric plays the game, when he first arrived at the Lane and thereafter. That was the spark that drew me in, Bale quickly became my favourite player not long after and the rest is history. I haven't been supporting the club for many many years (I am only 26 afterall), and have only been to 3 matches at the old Lane, but in spite of the anxiety it can sometimes bring - I know I am Tottenham till I die! I am absolutely buzzing about the new stadium, the next time I travel to the UK I'll be getting a matchday ticket no question!

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I can't actually be 100% certain how I became Spurs. Which is a worry, as I think I started supporting them when I was around 6 or 7, which was only 24 years ago. I've got no family connection to Spurs. My best guess is it was because of Teddy Sheringham, loved the guy.

Wow that was boring compared to some of the stories on here...

Totally off topic but I remember when I was 8 or 9 and I collected Merlin Premier League stickers, I wrote to Merlin as part of a homework project and said to them I was a Tottenham fan, they replied and sent me the entire Spurs team's stickers, I was well chuffed! :eriksenlol:
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