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Mrs Perryman

I'm a Cockney Malteser
Oh..just a couple more.....after reading the new stadium thread reminded me of two trips to Anfield. My first time was when Clem went back for the first time, the reception he received was pretty amazing, Hod scoring from nearly the half way line and having to stay in the ground to watch them receive the league trophy.
The second was when Crooksie scored the only goal which meant we won there for the first time since 1912.

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Yes I remember the bell ringing Man City fan, didn't know it was a she until now.
Remember all that other stuff too, apart from the John Pratt corner.
Certain things will stick in my mind until my dying day, and far too many to list here. But just a few for now.....
Glenn's goals against Watford away and Oxford at home.
Stevie's goals against Milan and Woolwich :) and his sending off against Watford :( (always hated Kenny Jackett after that).
Garth Crooks coming straight towards me in the north bank after he scored against Wolves in the semi final in 1981.
First time at Wembley against Man City, what a great feeling, never thinking that I would be sick of the sight of the place nearly 30 years later.
Going abroad for the first time in 1982 to watch us against Ajax, travelling independently with The Magic Bus Company, using coaches and ferries to get over to Amsterdam, staying in a hostel in the red light district for two nights, for the princely sum of £24 for the whole package.
Going to stop now as I'll be writing a book!
You should. There are very few football books written from a female perspective. Obviously the highlight would be meeting yours truly.

Fidel Castro

Tractors for the people.
It was a 2 year stretch in the scrubs , had to share with " Paddy the bubble " who was more bent than Brentford nylons but had lovely pic of Ricky Villa above his bunk in his y fronts .
Only way to save my honour was to put on a Argie
accent and sing Chas and Dave in a Sombrero .Worked a treat as he hit on Limp Larry and Camp Freddy who would sink quicker than the Belgrano. Put his funny turns down to being worried about the Elgin Marbles and his old girls moussaka .
That was it , there was only one team for me .
Got out ,Tommy "suited and booted" got me into the FA cup replay , sat next to old Brucie and never looked back.
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Xmas 1972 in the Cotswolds. My uncle sends the 8 year old me my first ever football kit. It was a Derby County strip as they’d just won the old Div 1. I put it on all excited and go running through to my dad who didn’t know much about footie and asked him who the kit was. He looked at white shirt, socks & dark shorts and told me it was Tottenham Hotspur’s from London. From that moment I was a “Tottenham fan” looked at everything in the newspaper & radio & tele (all black and white) for any details I could get. Told all my little mates I was a spurs fan for the next few weeks of Xmas holidays. It wasnt until the first Friday in February 1973 at primary school football practise when one of my football savvie pals told me the new “Spurs Kit” i was wearing was actually Derby. Too late I was hooked! I often thank the heavens my dad didn’t know much about footy, COYS....
At the time you only got cup finals live plus home internationals(England,Scotland,Wales & N.Ireland) cup final day was the Scottish one and half time got highlights of the English cup final! But the 81 final was shown live in Scotland the following Thursday the replay,I think? Was the first English game I watched from start to finish ant that was that Tottenham Hotspur. Liverpool were well supported where I'm from plus the local team under Ferguson Aberdeen were at their peak but nope Spurs for me and from 81-84 were great then it kinda went pear shaped I've drifted in and out over the years early 90s were a blur but when Klinsmann rocked up 95-99 that was another purple patch for me! Early naughties got lost but found my faith again from the late naughties and never wavered this time stuck with it and now at times all consuming but hey fuck there's worse things that could take over my life.....;)
None of my family are spurs, but my earliest memory is the 84 I think league cup final vs Liverpool.. that lot that won everything and that every one in Britain seemed to support...i didn't want to copy but I liked the spurs kit that day. I was only 6, they lost that day but I was hooked from there on...perhaps I just loved to be tortured from the start LMAO... i remember football being more enjoyable then but that could just be nostalgia of being young lol...

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I hate the tabloid press SO MUCH!
My Dad is Watford, my mum is Spurs. Got into football at age 8, after watching Italia 90. Decided it was time to follow more seriously, and had a choice to make.

Gazza and Lineker played for Spurs. Easy choice.
Came to this country and the first friend I had was a Tottenham fan. His dad used to take us to games.

I must confess though I haven’t always been a loyal fan. I’ve never liked other teams but there were times when I couldn’t follow football due to being in boarding school, living without a TV in uni, when my son was born and I was too busy to follow footie etc.

I dipped in and out but whenever I got back into it, it was always Tottenham.
Not much of a story. Every kid was loving United, Woolwich, Liverpool (Chelsea came along after too) and I wanted to be different. One of my dad friends was working in London at that time and he got me into it, brought me a kit and stuff. Can't thank him enough.
My brother was a Spam fan, but only because he loved Martin Peters.
When Spurs swapped Jimmy for Peters he swapped as well (Thank God)

He took me to my first game 1977 vs Man City, I was10 yrs old and loved every second of it.
We nearly missed the train from Hayes, my brother and his mate held the door open and dragged me in as it was pulling away.

IIRC we were 2-0 up at half time and drew 2-2 (Spursy ?)

When we were relegated a lot of my "Spurs" mates switched to other teams, not me though.

I was never a season ticket holder but was a member and in those days you could get into every home game anyway.
I also remember being in the away at end at WHL against the dippers, we lost 4-1 (Rush was playing)

In 1991 my brother entered a competition in The Sun for 2 tickets for the cup final, he told me to enter as well and I said "Don't be silly 000s will enter, you've got no chance"
Of course he won the 2 tickets and off we went to Wembley.


Grew up in Thamesmead, born in Woolwich Mother and Babies (long since demolished) and my mum was a nurse at The Brook.
Extended family, thankfully, were from Wood Green, Edmonton and Finsbury Park, so my brother started to go to Spurs with my cousins and we'd be up there a lot.

As a kid I remember looking at this kit hanging in his cupboard

Still can see how silky it was, and how rich the navy looked against the white. I got all his hand me downs, and never looked back, started around 6 I think........42 now.
My grandad used to watch the push and run side in the 50s , my dad watched the double side of the 60s with him. My first game my dad took me to qpr at home in 1981. We lost. Then the Swansea game, as we were walking away from the west stand we bumped into my dads cousin from Swansea who was up at the game.

Remember going up the lane with my dad in the car and stopped at traffic lights with 3 lanes of cars. Spurs cup final song came on the radio and every one in their cars were bouncing around singing it. Surreal moment realising everyone st the lights were yids.

Worst moment was walking down Wembley way with my old man after the final whistle at the 87 cup final. You could hear a pin drop on the tube train.

Best moment was watching us lift the cup in 91 after Gaza’s scare. When he did his leg and they scored I said to me dad that’s it we’ve lost again. He said don’t worry son the team that scores first always looses the cup final. We will win.

Wish some fans had his belief in spurs nowadays.
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When we were relegated a lot of my "Spurs" mates switched to other teams, not me though.
In my primary school I had a mate that was Charlton, then turned Spurs and bought the kit that I had (diagonal pinstripes).....I had the all white one, and he had the navy shorts. Even aged 9 or 10 I never took him seriously....another one was paid a tenner by his uncle to change from Liverpool to Millwall, lol fair enough

I remember people would see me in a Spurs top and (grown men) and say "aaaahhh everyones a Spurs fan now"...Id say Ive always been Spurs, and they'd be like "yeah yeah"

I had no idea what they were fucking on about, but must have been around the time we won the Europa and were massive, weirdly I dont remember that final even though I was 8, but I distinctly remember watching Spurs on tv around that age, and crying my eyes out in the 87 Final.

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Posters that have been around for a while are probably bored by my story. But as you asked, dad was a Chelsea fan, watched the 67 cup final with him and he must have done something to upset me, so I supported the other side. Luckily for me Spurs won. Following season, I just watched out for the results in the paper. But then my next door neighbour took me and his daughter to WHL for the first time, and I was hooked from the minute I walked into the ground. Can't explain why, but all I know is that if I loved my exes is much as I love Spurs, they wouldn't be exes!

Were you born in 67?
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