Who is your all time fave player?

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So I had a quick browse through the forum and couldn't see if this had been done before but I thought i'd bring it up anyway..
This topic is for you lads and ladies to dicuss your favourite players (within your lifetime) and tell us why you fell in love with them (metaphorically)

Now I've been a Tottenham fan since day 1 (17 years ago) and all though I paraded around in numerous Tottenham kits of the quite ugly 90's style, the earliest memory I actually have of the Tottenham team was the season we signed Robbie Keane. As far as I remember it was a very dull time, we had players like Sullivan and Keller in goal, Richards CB, Anderton (what a legend) and good old Teddy Sheringham. Now despite my love of the way Anderton could pass the ball, Robbie Keane was the first player I adored and would therefore be my fave player of my lifetime (thus far). It's stereotypical in a way that strikers become fan favourites but I'm sure no one would argue that this guy helped raise the standard of strikers that us fans expected to perform at out beloved club.(And the infamous cartwheel, roll and guns celebration just sealed the deal for me!)
Thankfully, after supporting Tottenham through what was probably their darkest time with constant relegation battles to survive and mid-table finishes we have become a top four side with world-class players...and through this long and tough transaction other 'favourites' have come along, such as Michael Carrick (for his passing abillity and the free kick against United), Paul Robinson (for being a better keeper than Kasey Keller..), Michael Dawson ( purely because King was injured and he commanded our back four to finish fourth) and now it's currently tied between BALE and VDV who are both absolutely sublime!

So I don't expect as long as a post as this but who is your fave player and why?

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The Fighting Cock
Paul Gascoigne. Loved him at Newcastle Utd. Could not believe it when we signed him. I pretty much idolised the fruitloop. Went to every FA Cup game in '91 and just for that semi-final I will forever heart him.
Has to be Gazza for me as well. As a kid he was just the most exciting player in the world to watch. Hoddle comes a close second, one of the most gifted and intelligent players I've ever seen.
Mine would have to be Keane as well. My Spurs memories only go back to mid 90's and Keane would have played a huge chunk of my spurs life.

When he was good he was fucking good. The 2 against Fulham in the cup, the goal he scored from hiding behind the keeper & that goal vs Blackburn when he dinked it over 2 players then the keeper? And his majestic partnership with Berbatov.

But then he left for his boyhood clubs.

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All of my favorite players have left me really disillusioned: Berbatov & Keane left, so I went a year or so without having a real true favorite til Modric.. then he pulls his shit in the summer about Chelsea, so now, I have no idea..

Luckily, over here in the States, we get a few classic matches per week on Fox Soccer and I am in love with David Ginola. Saw the 99 FA Cup 5th(?) round replay at the Lane where he just cut Leeds to fucking pieces. Thing of beauty.

On second thought, Ledley King. Followed by Sandro.
A third shout for gazza, not just my favourite spurs player but favourite football player period.

Prem era would be split David Ginola for being the only glimmer of brightness in an otherwise very drab, shit side & his royal highness Ledley King, not because he's boss, that's apparent to all. but because he stepped in and took up the mantle when a certain aids riddled, shit of a human being decided to tear the hear out of our beloved football club and now he's putting his health on the line at every opportunity to wear and love the shirt.

I could actually crymax some times when I think about our Ledders :ledley:
I'm in the same boat as a few of the others here. Being 24 I only have 90's and 2000's as memories but the one play that I truly adored was Ginola. Even though he wasn't here for that long, he will always be a legend.

I remember him joining Villa and being called 'fat' (cant remember why?) He took his shirt off and flexed his muscles when he scored.

In my lifetime probably Gazza. In recent years Robbie Keane, although that's seems a bit tainted now to be honest. Maybe Gregorz Rasiak

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