Who do you want to score our last minute winner

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Who's the ultimate hero

  • Eriksen

  • Lucas

  • Winks

  • Sissoko

  • Wanyama

  • Toby

  • Kane

  • Tripps

  • Jan

  • Rose

  • Serge

  • Davies

  • Dier

  • Llorente

  • Skipp

  • Sanchez

  • KWP

  • Foyth

  • Dele

  • Lamella

  • Son

  • VVD own goal

  • Hugo

  • Marsh

  • Bowden

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We'll just forget about this...

We all make mistakes. Hitler's dad should have pulled out. Jesus shouldn't have trusted Judas and Harry shouldn't have worn that fucking shirt.
We should banter Woolwich about this. Knowing that your rivals best player was in your academy and you passed on him is more painfull than your best player once being in your rivals academy

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Llorente for me - a well timed, peach of a header in the top corner from a Trippier cross.

It'll go down as the only goal he's ever scored for us with a legitimate part of his body other than a thigh, hand, or left testicle.
For his display alone in the semi, I’d love to see Lucas bang the winner. Watching him well up when he saw the replay said a lot to me..

Can you imagine how he’d be if he went one better?
Thats got me thinking about players that never show emotion, namely eriksen. Would be fun to see the ice melt when he curls in a stoppage time free kick then blabs to the cameras in incoherent icelandic!
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