Who do you want to score our last minute winner

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Who's the ultimate hero

  • Eriksen

  • Lucas

  • Winks

  • Sissoko

  • Wanyama

  • Toby

  • Kane

  • Tripps

  • Jan

  • Rose

  • Serge

  • Davies

  • Dier

  • Llorente

  • Skipp

  • Sanchez

  • KWP

  • Foyth

  • Dele

  • Lamella

  • Son

  • VVD own goal

  • Hugo

  • Marsh

  • Bowden

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It's all about the badge on the front....
Special shout out to the individuals that voted for Dier, Dav & Llorente... An altogether more intimate love-in going on..... #Cozy

Gone for Sissoko, but it could have been anyone of Kane, Winks, Jan or VVD OG, so I'll go for this....

Salah running at our defense, Jan comes across and sends Salah flying into the stands with crunching tackle and passes it quickly up to Winks, who in turn threads a delightful ball through to Kane. He's chased down by VVD, but Kane dummies him and sits him on his arse. Allison comes chasing out closing the angle, and Kane unselfishly plays it square for a Sissoko tap-in.

That would make my head explode. Still, I'd take any winning goal at any time by anyone.

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It's the last minute of extra time; 2-1 to Liverpool. Liverpool are pressing and look like scoring.

Mane cuts around Lloris and has an empty net to put it in, he hits his shot


Stephen Gerard running triumphantly, hands in the air; trips over and the ball ricochets off his arse. Ball lands at the feet of Toby who hits the long ball up to Harry Kane who hits it into the bottom corner for the equaliser.

Spurs go on to win penalty shoot out.
Super Jan scores and does the superman celebration by actually flying.
Okay okay let me try something more realistic.

Okay, so Sissoko takes the ball off Lloris. Goes past every Liverpool player with at least 5 nutmegs, takes a 30 yard shot but its the crossbar and goes high into the air. Oh no...its flying into our own net past Lloirs, but wait a second!!! Just behind Llories is Sissoko again who clears it away with an over head kick and it flies past Alison. A bright light appears from the net as the goal is scored. The multiverse is collapsing, God appears. He is a Liverpool fan, He says 'I am inevitable' and hes about to snap his fingers and change reality to a Liverpool win, but Sissoko goes for the head and says "And I AM SISSOKO". The whole world celebrates our win , even liverpool players and fans, except Jamie Carragher who tries to spit but it lands on his own face.

Fuck its 5.36 and I havent slept yet and posting nonsense on forums. Night night.


.........VAR is OURS........ It's Clear & Obvious
I cannot believe Hugo's only got one vote so far. Support your local Captain Goalie!


.........VAR is OURS........ It's Clear & Obvious
Don't know why you've included Bowden - he's not even in the travelling squad announced today. But Alfie Whiteman is - and he doesn't feature in your list at all.

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