Who do you want to score our last minute winner

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Who's the ultimate hero

  • Eriksen

  • Lucas

  • Winks

  • Sissoko

  • Wanyama

  • Toby

  • Kane

  • Tripps

  • Jan

  • Rose

  • Serge

  • Davies

  • Dier

  • Llorente

  • Skipp

  • Sanchez

  • KWP

  • Foyth

  • Dele

  • Lamella

  • Son

  • VVD own goal

  • Hugo

  • Marsh

  • Bowden

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John Thomas

I'm happy with my squad
Imagine it. 120 minutes are up and ????????becomes probably the greatest Spurs legend ever with the last kick of the game.
Who, more than anyone else, would you love to see cover themselves in glory and become the ultimate Tottenham Hotspur hero?
Poll closes Friday

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Mrs Perryman

I'm a Cockney Malteser
Score so far just shows how much Moussa has endeared himself to most of us, that we would just love him to score the winner. Madrid and North London will explode with utter joy.


Winks (None more yido.... Poor little bugger would explode!)

In that order...

(Otherwise 5-0 in no particular order will do.)

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On the balcony, fighting with our arms.
To be honest, I'm not convinced my old ticker could survive the scenario you've described. I'd prefer us to be 4-0 up at half time, then score a quick two more straight after the break.

However, if I'm pushed for an answer - it has to be Captain Lloris, either with a massively flukey kick from inside his box, or because he's gone up for a last gasp corner - Hold on a minute, I've just seen that he's not an option. Sorry, but that's who I want it to be.

It's Lloris for me, but I'm voting for Sonny. Hold on - he's not an option either! What kind of poll is this???

edit - I've had to vote for my 3rd choice - Tripps. the poor guy's had so much negativity lately that I'd like to turn it around for him and make Southgate wonder if he's made the wrong choices.
Nobody last minute winners feck that I’m want 3-0 half time full time 5-0 no drama/heart scares jaysus....
I love Harry and it would be amazing if he scored it.......however I chose Sissoko. Would literally be one of the greatest moments ever witnessed on a football pitch

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