White Hart Lane station name change

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TFL spend millions on new signage every year, with Cross-rail not that far away (maybe?) all the TFL maps and a lot off signage will need changing anyway. TFL know this and will make as many changes as they can in one go, their aim is to do this by the end of 2019 for a new transport map in 2020, hence the discussions with Spurs now.

This is not a pure 'cost' for TFL because it's also a financial opportunity, all new signage can be branded, can include directions to your nearest xxxxx paid for by advertisers. The same goes for new tube, overground, transport maps these can be sponsored by large corporations in return for a Logo placement, that generates a huge profit.

TFL are already undertaking the upgrade at WHL it's a near certainty that all the current signage would be changed, making that change to 'Tottenham Hotspur' rather than 'White Hart Lane' won't make a substantial difference to the cost. It will certainly be far less costly than the increase in ticket sales from the extra 10,000 Spurs fans using TFL will bring.

Most street furniture station signage is generic it shows a rail logo and the word 'station' with directions, that's deliberate as the same signage can be used for any station, it's generic so it won't need changing.

It's a bit like Tesco doing a store upgrade and then charging the customers for the building cost ... that's never going to happen.

Spurs will no doubt make a contribution, but it won't be 14m not even close.

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Not surprised really, it’s a brand new stadium for things more than just football, not a refurbishment. Paxton Road is gone. The train main station entrance is also moving from White Hart Lane itself, it will have a direct pathway to the new gaff IIRC. Also when you pass by the area through that train line (I take it occasionally) the stadium completely dominates the skyline and area in the way the old ground just didn’t. The club want it to be a landmark 24/7, 365.

Gillespie Road, Wembley Hill, these were stations once upon a time as well. My main feeling is that I’m glad that Spurs are still going to be in Tottenham N17, all this other stuff is just cosmetic griping. We are still home.
Can't we just call it ' The original North London Overground football station' ?
And what about Seven Sisters. Can we rename that ' The original Underground North London station'
Just a silly thought, I know

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Just as Woolwich have a station named after the club — aptly dubbed Woolwich — so too will Tottenham. After much pressure from the club, Overground station White Hart Lane looks set to be renamed Tottenham Hotspur.

According to The Guardian, Spurs are acting as if the name change is a done deal, whereas TfL says its still subject to a consultation. Is it just us who foresee a lot of prankster Woolwich and Chelsea fans writing all manner of complaints into the consultation to try and throw a spanner in the works?

White Hart Lane Station To Be Renamed Tottenham Hotspur
The irony of the "auto correct" on here is that there actually IS a Woowich Woolwich Station....
Makes it sound like there's 2 of them!

Personally, I'm not a fan of re-naming White Hart Lane Station, as it's at least ON White Hart Lane! Unlike the old/new ground!!
There was always going to bits of the new build/regeneration we wouldn't like.
We were so chuffed at staying in our area, i don't think we gave it much thought.
The station name change is one,the fact Paxton Road no longer exists is another.
I am sure there are others not come to light yet.
i still think the good of being in N17 on our patch outways the bad though.

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I hate this name change, forgetting your heritage for no good reason.

Sidenote, does anyone else hold their breath while the doors are open at Gillespie Road?
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