Which player(s) did you pretend to be as a kid?

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Spouting bollocks from a distant land

Athletes are usually twats. I don't really feel that I looked at any particular figure as a role model growing up; particularly not athletes.

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If 12 until 14 counts as a kid, Gareth Bale. He was/is everything I loved and imagined myself to be as a football player based on my attributes. Reliant on pace, left-footed, a left-back who made the transition to a winger. Even to this day, he is my favourite player ever, and I doubt that someone can take his place, just because I wanted so much to be like him. Started supporting Tottenham when we beat City in 2010 for the Champions League qualification, fell in love when I saw Bale play.
he'll always be a hero for me if for no other reason than that goal(s) he scored in last years CL final
I remember pretending to be Klinsmann the week following his debut goal after scoring in a match at school and nearly broke my sternum doing the dive.
Jumped straight up in the air and wallop
silly fucker

The other day it was Dele vs Palace. I got my son to keep firing crosses at me so that I could try and replicate that beautiful goal. My 13 year old daughter whipped it off me 90% of the time and the other 10% was saved by my 5ft wife. The Ali Dia of suburban bungalow football.

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Maybe it's because I was a kid back then, but it seems like there were more "heroes" in football in the late 90's. Almost every country had a world class player. Now I'm afraid that the youth only have Messi and Ronaldo (some times Neymar) as their idols.
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