What's Your Favourite Spurs Shirt of All-Time?

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Ah-HAAA ...this is a classic; "we got no game this weekend" thread!

For the record... It's hard not to look much beyond these for my top 2 Home:

...and these two beauties for the away (and 3rd...) all bases covered!!

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I really liked the black Mansion one from 3 or 4 years ago, still wear that as is a smart little number.

But I have to go with the old 1991 Holsten jobbie, that holds a special place in my heart
Whilst I know i'll get nowhere with my 'they don't make kits like they used to' mantra... The quality (fabric/breathability etc etc) today are of course so much better than yesteryear...
but fuck me they've lost the knack of simplistic kit design these days...

...it's like they have to justify their 'creative' budget... they just can't help themselves and leave well alone!
With step and curtains haircut, I was an 11yr old keeper who shipped in about 5 a game, this is definitely my most memorable jersey, the collar itched like hell


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