West Ham Knuckle Dragging Pikeys v Tottenham Hotspur. Sat 23rd November 12-30 : Live from Billy Smart’s Circus Tent.

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One of Mrs P's anointed
About 30 years ago.....maybe longer. And I was only there for a couple of years.
Try as you might my friend but it doesn't wash off, like skunk or garlic. You're now like a baby bird touched by humans, the natives can smell it on you. You might as well start drinking some Pabst and get a muscle car.


Cute Jon

Bad tummies regularly, some blood when going to the loo, been very tired for no real reason, lost weight without doing anything different...

Obviously I didn't just go to the loo after a quick spot of diarrhea 🙄

Your symptoms were very concerning and you did absolutely the right thing in seeking advice from your Dr

Any loss of blood from any orifice should be investigated ASAP


Cute Jon
Just a thought. IBS and Diverticulosis can present identically. Your remarks about rice being problem can occur with both these conditions. If you haven't had one, get a Colonoscopy. If you've had one, then your diagnosis is good.
Annoyingly porridge is a problem for me and since my Op my body won’t tolerate it

I used to love eating it

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