We can be heroes champions league final 01/06/2019

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What's worse is, if we do lose to them, we will never forget about it because the media will make sure of that, they will talk about Liverpool beating Spurs in the CL final for the next 20+ years.
Au contraire, my friend. If Liverpool win, they'll never stop talking about how LFC won the CL and their "historical" overturning of the deficit against the great and mighty Barca - but they aren't gonna mention that we were even there.

Mrs Perryman

I'm a Cockney Malteser
I had a very strange day yesterday.

I kept thinking "We're in the CL final"
and then I got on a real downer and kept thinking "What if we lose to them cunts ?"

Then I was thinking "As long as we put up a good fight I'll be happy" and kept thinking about one of Danny Blanchflower's sayings "Winning isn't everything, wanting to win is"

And then "Poch has done something no other Spurs manager was able to achieve"

And then back to "What if we lose"

I still have the residue of it today.

Very weird for me.
Not really, think most supporters are deliriously optimistic about winning and in dread of getting shown up.
Fuck Liverpool the entitled prickS! I really hope for the sake of football we utterly destroy them and break that gurning tossers heart, by the time we have finished them off they will be wishing they just took the loss to Barca! Can’t stand the fans or the club with there victim mentality, put them to the sword lads we owe it to everyone!

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Thought up a song as I was humming on the way to my train tonight. Anyone with twitter clout feel free to spread!

To the tune of two by two/super jan

Tottenham hotspur's going to Madrid Madrid
Tottenham hotspur's going to Madrid Madrid
The yids are off to sunny Spain
We'll never see our wives again
Tottenham hotspur's going to Madrid

Next verse could be never see kids then job etc :roflmao:
You have described the same thoughts most of us,at some point, have had/having i would imagine :)
Yeah, I suppose I have.

The strange thing was though that I got really, really down about it all. Which is not like me at all.
Fuck knows what I'll be like on the day, probably like CousinEddie CousinEddie , a nervous wreck, curled up on the sofa in the foetal position.
Big fan of the woman in the wheelchair who does one right after our winner. Really scoots away. Fuck this shit, I'm outta here.
Going to hell, but the steady stream of wheelchairs motoring and wheeling away behind the net after the Lucas goal is pretty much comedy gold
This has to be it, I know there’s no out and out DM but Dier and Wanyama are complete liabilities.

I would maybe switch trips out for aurier but it depends on fitness. That team (although a little bit lopsided as far as it’s overly attacking) is the best we have available.

People saying we need to wait out the early storm I’m not sure that will work here, Liverpool pressed for 90+ minutes vs Barca and with 3 weeks off + the fact that it’s a CL final we can expect them to do the same.

Better to just go for it from the off, all I know is we need both son and Moura on the field, pushing back their fullbacks and available for lightning quick break aways.
Got my ticket yesterday, smack bang behind the goal lower tier. Just have to wait on Thomas Cook on if I've got their day trip flight, if I don't I guess I'm driving it?

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Liverpool thought they'd won it
But Tottenham brought it back
Eriksen in the middle
Harry Kane in attack
Klopp thought they deserved it
Salah tried to dive
Sissoko with the hattrick
Why would ANYONE do this??
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