We can be heroes champions league final 01/06/2019

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Allez Allez is sung by 400 teams, who cares......
And I couldnt give a fuck who gets changed where. Is there a stats correlation between Cup Final winners and dressing rooms now?

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So how does that work then?
Fucking disgusting, in every stadium in the world there is a significant upgrade for the “home” dressing room above the away facilities. In a game of small margins, any small advantage is exactly that. The excuse about fans being south / north stand makes no sense. It has fuck all correlation to the game. We were the “home” side.

Hopefully this kind of bollocks will make us more angry and more determined. Pool fans already think there is no point playing this game and they are going to roll us, wankers every single one of them. This just shows how much bias there is out there.
The game we played at home against them last season we pressed the fuck out of them.

The best performance we have put in this season was against Chelsea at home when we won 3-0. We pressed the hell out of them for that game too.

I think we need to press them too. Just as much as they will to us.

I think we could also turn up with one of those mature sit back games but it’s too risky.
This is it. This is our shot.

We need to go out there and let them worry about us. Match them and then show them why they haven’t finished above us more than twice in a decade.

Liverpool’s biggest weapon is the oppositions fear. Don’t show them any, and see what they’ve got.

Lads, it’s Milner and Henderson ffs


Enjoy the Moment
Aurier - Alderweireld - Vertonghen - Rose
Sissoko - Eriksen
Lucas - Kane - Son
Has to be the line-up really doesn't it?

Wouldn't surprise me though to see one of Wanyama or Dier come in for Lucas and Trippier starting at right back, both of which I feel would be mistakes.

I'd love for Winks to be back, but a game of this magnitude might be a bit tough for him to come in and start from the off so a place on the bench would be glorious.
I still think (and have done for some time) that Lamela is destined to play a major part in us winning this!

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