We can be heroes champions league final 01/06/2019

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They’re better, but so were City. When we played we were some big missed away from walking out with the 3 points.
If Winks and Sissoko are our midfield pairing I’d be increasingly more calm. Mane is always our biggest problem
I definitely (definately....I am "H") wouldn't give too much consideration to EPL results. This team is proving that they are on a different level in Europe than domestically this year.
Hi Guys,

First of all congratulations with the win. It was a fantastic game and showed what football is all about.
I already purchased a flight and a hotel in the centre of madrid for the final but as Ajax now is out I hopefully can make someone of you happy.

I have a hotel (2 person room) in Madrid for May 31 and June 1 (Friday and Saturday - night) and a flight (for 2) from Brussel to Madrid and back (May 31 - June 4). It cost me in total 800 euro. As hotel prices are now completely crazy hopefully I can make someone happy with the hotel (and if you want - also the flight, for the hotel I can for sure still change the names - for the flight have to check but normally should be able to change too). A total of 800 euro would work for me as I do not want to make a profit out of it.

If you are interested - please send me a personal message.

And finally, best of luck in the finals - you guys deserve to win it! Special thumps up to Toby, Jan, Davison and Christian!
How am I going to get there and where am I going to stay? May have to drive and stay out of town. I am guessing a lot of us will have spunked most of our savings over these two games.

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