We can be heroes (again) Ajax versus Tottenham Hotspur CL Semi Final Wed 8th May

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Exactly.....it’s not because we WAS 1-0 down, it was because of the entire set up and demeanor.

People can happy clap this, but we’re looking at 4-0 on the night here. Shambolic.

Biggest game for decades and Poch sets us up like this, and the players play like it was Watford mid season.

Oooooooh fatigue!!!! Fuck off.
you fuck off, you whining tosser
yep - I am proud of them
the last time my favourite football team got to the semi final of the worlds premier club competition was 57 years ago

and we will probably qualify for it again

its people like you I am embarrassed about
This club revels in crap......you can be proud Mick. Tottenham used to play football....it’s in our DNA.

I said earlier lose if you have to, but do it with dignity, don’t wimper out.

Look at us for fucks sake....your in a romantic bubble. We are a joke mate


We are losing to an eredivisie team.

I don’t fucking care that they won against Real and Juve. They can’t win against Heracles en fucking AZ.

This is an absolute disgrace.
Poch is weak tactically. Always has been.
Bollocks. He’s used lots of formations and systems in his time here.

The reality is that without Winks, we don’t have anyone who can dictate a game. Our defensive midfielder are knackered physically and heading for the glue factory. The reason he’s had to fiddle around with the diamond and back 3 this season has been because we don’t have a proper midfield anymore.

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