We can be heroes (again) Ajax versus Tottenham Hotspur CL Semi Final Wed 8th May

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Never seen this before...

Re-post? Apologies if that's the case
First I've seen it. That poor Ajax fan...at least he had a mate to help console him, as well as the yid with the tattoos who was basically hugging everyone....And was there any Spurs fan in the world who wasn't shouting "Take it to the corner" at Sissoko at the finish?

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I've heard people say that dele's final ball was accidental and was actually meant for llorente.

After rewatching from this angle and seeing him damn near lick his lips in anticipation at the 1:55 mark it is clear that the dele alli, lucas moura, avatar type, telepathy link had been created and was fully successful
Mauricio and the players need to do what I did today - watch the second half of this game again. Then they can tell me if that doesn't inspire them to give more for this Club than they have so far this season.
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