Villa match fred: Danny Blanchflower derby

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Kinda agree with just about everything said here. I reckon we'd score more with Ade up top as he brings people into the game so much better than JD (as much as I like the fella) as you could see the improvement in our movement in the 20 mins he was on the pitch. Verts is quickly turning into my favourite player, im sure he's probably a great keeper as well but we just dont know it yet! :)


Raw Ill give it to ya no trivia. Okay, some trivia
Also, loved Lloris today. That save where he came out on Agbonlahor was class. Not only did he react well off his line but he got a head start because he saw it was coming. If it had been Friedel that would have been a goal or at least it would have been a top notch chance.

Also really liked this little twitter back and forth.


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I think barring any injuries that'll be Lloris in there now. Although that throw out to Bale. :avbshit:

If the game at Old Trafford turns out to be Brad's last one then it's a fucking great game to bow out with.
When I was watching the clasico all I could think was 'Messi, Xavi, Iniesta? Pff. Give me Sandro, Moussa Dembele, and Jan 'The Sex' Vertonghen any time'. Great performance yesterday, although Villa were pretty awful. COYS.


I only saw the highlights so not really sure, but was Vertonghen really that good again?

(also, why do embedded tweets always end up being displayed so low?)
Here's a question - when Benny comes back does he walk back into the team?

Same with Yooooounis, what is our 1st choice back 4?

Would be a shame to see Caulker sit back on the bench...

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