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Ok so I've only just pinched these off the BBC website so could all be bullshit but as their seems to be lack of discussion on here at the moment I thought I post it anyway.

Apparently according to the daily mirror Barca seem to think our £34m valuation of Bale is too high!! ROFL!! If that cunt Andy Carroll is worth £35m Gareth is worth £45m.

If you don't like it Barca you can jog on and we'll keep him!!!

Fulham want little Tommy Carroll on loan in January. I say it would be a good move for him to start getting some competitive game time in the prem to see what he can really do. I'm sure Windy (Nopeado) will have his thoughts on this....

And our long term target Leandro could be on his way to Donetsk who have apparently matched the asking price.

Must say I'd be a bit sour if we missed out on this kid as he looks the tits and as we need another striker I feel he is a top target who we could actually attract / afford his wage demands.

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we must be in the champions league if we're to attract someone like Leandro and to be honest as good as he looks I'm not sure he's worth that ridiculously high fee. Personally I still think if we had CL football and Sandro was still at the club he would come to Spurs as long as we matched the asking price (which we won't).

Think that Carroll rumour would be a good move although I just can't see it being real. We know Fulham like to play decent football and with Jol in charge he'd be getting some good coaching in training. Personally I don't think he's ready for the premier league just yet but any match time would help.

Bale to Barca link is all well and good but they know as well as we do that it'd take £40m for us to even think about it. They're doing exactly what they did with Fabregas, hoping Bale kicks up a fuss and says he would like to leave and they'll get him on the cheap. Clearly they weren't watching the whole Levy/Modric/Chelsea situation in the summer. Personally I don't think Bale will kick up a fuss especially if we get into the CL again and win something. Maybe in a couple of seasons if the offer's still there he might not sign a new contract and force our hand to sell him but that's fair enough, we are talking about Barcelona.
Ok then.

Now ITK I don't claim to be, but Norwich are looking into signing Naughton on a permanent deal so they can loan in another player (probably a striker) until the end of the season. (Apparently you are only allowed 2 long-term loans?)
That whole Barca valuation bit was a pathetic PR attempt to knock down his price.

"if we were interested in Bale, we wouldn't say...but if we were...."

LOL....moving on.


The Fighting Cock
I'm looking forward to the TFC getting its first self professed ITK. Then banning him.
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