Tottenham v Newcastle (Sunday 25 August 16.30)

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No Ndombele. No party.
More to it than that.

I do want Kane to become more active. He has really changed his application since his younger years. No more channel runs. Is this a Poch application?

The Fbs are no longer a weapon in our side. They sit far deeper than they ever have and only provide width when the ball is in the final third. They are no longer making the break into the final third. Pool showed yesterday what early balls into the channels can do for a front three.

The biggest issue is our lack of a press. Since we decided to sit more, our clear cut scoring opportunities have taken a massive hit. We are relying far too much on magic strikes from stagnant build up. Gone are the days of winning the ball in the teams half and causing a ruckus. We did that today for 5 minutes and looked like we were about to break through, then we went back to sitting back.

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The lack of movement off the ball to unsettle their CBs and how we telegraphed everything we were trying to do smacked of lethargic, lazy and irresponsible leadership up top.

You can't play Lamela, Lucas and Son in the same team. All three ain't smart enough and it was clear we'd struggle with too many direct players. That being said I dont think that was the reason we lost today, we lost because we were too tired in our heads or just didn't have a scooby how to make a chance.

The only good thing we did today was when Lucas played it INTO SPACE instead of ball to feet to Sissoko when Kane fluffed it.

All in all it's been too huff and puff a start to the season, the coaching staff need to eradicate that and soon. What a waste and what a lack of brains today. Massive shame
The build up is too slow! Pedestrian walking pace, constantly giving them time to get 8 men behind the ball in their own box.

Rose, fuck me, can’t pass, can’t cross, gives away stupid pathetic fouls that let the opp waste more time.

Sanchez was really poor. Lamela, painfully slow. Kane hardly got a touch.

Want Davies, dele Eriksen all starting next week
But this build up play must be from the manager because bit has been going on for a couple of season's now so why can't he see it doesn't work.
Because they're desperately hoping that this is the year that they get their 'Proper Top Four' back or even top 5.

One things for sure, if we come 6 then it will be the big 5 or Top 5 from then on.
I think they like a top 2 so they can call it clash of the Titans game between the top 2 , they only want a 3 horse race if the third horse is Man U
Don't blame Newcastle for our mess. They came to do a job and they did it. And we let them.
FUCKING horse punchers....!
That's what WE need to do... punch some fucking horses! Seems to do the trick!

Most of the people around me didn't seem to give much of a shit... too busy taking selfies and leaving early...

We're in serious danger of losing whatever identity we thought we had!

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Theres not much positive to say here. Moura wasn't on point, Kane wasn't on point. Son wasn't on point. Sanchez and Toby weren't in sync. Winks was vanilla and Sissoko was damn near bashful.

Not looking forward to the NLD considering the european transfer window will still be open and Poch and the team will still be unsettled.

I still have faith in Poch, but I don't think we are going to find our legs until after the International Break.

If i have to dig for any positives. Lo Celso and Eriksen seem to play well, If Eriksen leaves hopefully Ndombele and Lo Celso can find a similar explosive chemistry.

If Sissoko has a few more games at RB I think he can do a job, some of his runs and passes in the final 10 minutes were quality.

Kane will find his form as will Lucas and Son, they just need time. Dele and Lamela will both need to earn their playing time.

But as far as today goes

Would be lying if I said I wasn't more than a bit worried tbh.

We have been incredibly shit these opening three games, carrying on from how woeful we were for large parts of last season. We were incredibly fortunate to beat Villa, should have been beaten 6 or 7-2 by City last week in reality and then that shit show today.

The team just looks so done, so jaded, so out of ideas. Teams seem to really have figured out how to play against us too these last few seasons. Sure, we get a bit of luck or a bit of quality shines through sometimes which wins us games, but gone are the days it would seem where we are able to play shit like Newcastle off the park and win totally on our own terms ala City or Liverpool.

Hopefully once we get all new signings up to speed they'll be able to freshen things up a bit, but by the time that eventually happens we could be a long way off the pace I fear.
Nothing to disagree with here.

We are one-paced, have 3 players in Eriksen, Rose and Alderweireld who are un limbo land, have Vertonghen sat on the bench, Kane looking like an up and coming striker who we don't think will make the grade and absolutely nothing, other than the spurts of gusto from Son and Moura.

I think I will quickly be forced to reset my hopes for this season.
Poch needs to grab those balls he was bragging about and clutching on in the CL last season and show us he still has some. The lack of intensity and sheer cowardice we show when we play these garbage teams is infuriating.

Winks simply isn't up to the task to perform as our play dictator, too much of a side wide passer and too limited in his passing range. Same with Sissoko, who is very useful vs. certain teams, but vs. these bus parking teams he barely offers anything as his athleticism can't shine thus he becomes a useless player in tight congested spaces. Playing both Winks and Sissoko stagnates us way too much and make us play extremely sluggish and predictable. That is the main reason why we have struggled this season.
Has anyone seen anything, anything at all in these first 3 games that makes them feel like we can do big things this season?

If I woke up and found out that AVB had swapped places with Poch this season then I would not be shocked based on the level of performances


One of Mrs P's anointed
Dead on 6 mins he blows the whistle, despite 3 mins of rolling around by Newcastle.

Absolutley fucking shambolic from us though to be honest.

Feels like the beginning of the end.
Couldn't get the whistle to his mouth fast enough. I know as i was watching his spiteful display. Firmly believe he would have awarded that pen shout 9 outta 10 times were we not involved.
My stream had died for the last 6 minutes. Spent those 6 minutes trying to reboot and tried other sites - all dead as well.

Logged on tfc homepage and saw 'The Hood' as the last poster under the match thread immediately thought aww well we didn't pull it back then.

Yep my fault - I accept full responsibility for today . If I hadn’t been mean to Poch on the internet we would have won
Has anyone seen anything, anything at all in these first 3 games that makes them feel like we can do big things this season?

If I woke up and found out that AVB had swapped places with Poch this season then I would not be shocked based on the level of performances

Nothing at all. We are light years away from City and Liverpool

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