Tottenham v Newcastle (Sunday 25 August 16.30)

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Why does everyone stand and spectate after passing the ball, you have to follow your pass with a run to create new angles of passing opportunity....
Side to side to side back forward side to side. It's like watching strictly come dancing (not that I do) fucking make some runs, take players on, have a shot, get the ball in. We still have never worked out how to play teams like this

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Spineless? You never have the fucking bollocks to post an opinion about what you're seeing but you call me fucking spineless?

Don't make me laugh, I do trust the players and I have said I think we will win still but that doesn't mean what we are seeing is acceptable, I was commenting in the tactical predictability 10 mins in for the exact reason you have just pointed out, we have seen it COUNTLESS times.

I don't think they are better than us, they're shit, that's the whole point, we have had one shot on target against them, at home and conceded a goal.

You can try and spice it up all you like but that's unacceptable, even if we win the game it shouldn't be happening and it happens far too often now.
Oh sorry, I'll stop watching and start posting prolific amounts of shit for you, shall I?
Before the season began I thought we could put pressure on Liverpool and City at certain periods of the season. After watching both of them this weekend we are so far behind...

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