Tottenham v Newcastle (Sunday 25 August 16.30)

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Long time lurker, first time poster.

This will be controversial I'm sure but I think we need to freshen it up, and that means saying goodbye to Potch.

Its not an easy decision, but I just don't see us progressing any further under him, in fact we are going backwards.
How many PL games did we lose last season? More than ten wasn't it? Can anybody honestly see us not repeating that this season?
He got out of jail against Villa on opening day when Eriksen came on and changed the game and he hasn't learned from that as he's picked a poor team and formation today, where we were crying out for Eriksen to unlock them.

I think the heartbreak of the CL final is weighing on the players minds, and players refusing to sign contracts, Which is why I just think we need some new ideas, and we can only achieve that with a new manager.

If we keep Potch we know what we are getting, we are probably good enough for a top 4 birth, unlikely to push on and actually win anything though.

Time to gamble on a change? I think so
Well done for saying so as I'm sure this wont be a popular opinion on here.

Trying to not be reactionary as I really hope that getting some players back from injury and integrating the new signings will see us back to the level we're capable of.

But I also am concerned by the worrying signs we've seen since the beginning of the year and the start of this season. Sometimes it feels like the 15/16 and 16/17 were our window to do something great and that has now passed - some players have aged, others have dropped off in standard, injuries and not enough fresh faces over a couple of transfer windows.

It would be a real shame to not get back to that as the last few years have been the best supporting this club in my lifetime.

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That Lo Celso pass was the best pass of the game (Eriksen's to Sissoko wasn't bad either), and I've changed my mind several times, you are right about the arm, but the trouble is, I think Kane is already leaning in looking for the pen, and bottom line, when we are looking at it and struggling to call it, there's no way (PL)VAR is going to correct it, and to be honest, I'm, not totally sure it should, still. If it had, I think it's one of those that either call wouldn't be an injustice.

Bottom line, I think Kane should have made better of that chance, I really don't think he had to go over.
To be fair to Kane, I don't think he was expecting the defender to phwow himself to the fwoor...

He leans into him to keep the ball, then the defender disappears under his feet. Pen all day long with any other ref.
Whoever wants to leave before next weekend should just LEAVE... a pissed off Eriksen/Vertonghen isn't worth relying on... they're toxic... they won't give their all...
If the ovation Eriksen received when he came on isn't good enough to convince him he's loved here... then he'd better leave for the white handkerchief waving Spaniards of Madrid.... 'cos that's what's gonna greet him if Real don't win the Quadruple within 15 seconds of him signing!

...and if it wasn't for VAR we'd have lost LAST week... it's already evened itself out!
That's all well and good mate but right now, as things stand, we need Eriksen more than he needs us, same with Vertonghen.

Without those two, no way we are making CL this season, not a chance in hell.

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Not bad Aristotle. But I think I can top that. If we are reliant on VAR to win, is VAR our most important player?
VAR merely shows the slow mo of the incident doesn't it? Final decision is the rest. In this. case, "Blind" Mike Dean. I suppose that makes him the most important player for both sides.


One of Mrs P's anointed
Sitting here in utter shock. What a total and utter shambles. I've been going over some of the comments posted. Every player has their detractors and supporters obviously. For me, the only players on the park worth censuring are Sanchez and Kane. I'm not surprised by Sanchez. I was always against buying him and he's done nothing to change that opinion. Kane seems to have turned into a statue. I think he's read too much press about himself and the supporters who like to bury their heads in the sand can't admit that he has become a liability. Someone needs to give him a huge kick up the arse and therein lies the whole Spurs problem. Pochettino. He has failed us. His intractibility and inability to listen to advice is killing us. His choice of players grows increasingly bizarre. His tactical awareness is nonexistent. He behaves like a spoiled child, especially with the press. He doesn't appear to instil anything in to our beloved team. We need someone new with a more modern and fresh approach. At this stage, I would even take Mourhino.
At least he has some visible passion for his team. Poch seems to spend more time arguing with anyone around. If he stays, we'll be lucky to be in the top half let alone the top four. It's been a good run but it's over. Time for a fresh start.
I can't get down with all of that but there is truth in a lot of it. And it's good to see another poster brave the masses of happy clappers.

Never been a Sanchez fan as he seems like a newborn foal out there jsut getting accustomed to his legs, always ready to fall down go boom. Kane has become a lazy, straight-line player just out for goals instead of the young striker that helped out everywhere. But like our players Poch needs to learn too. The problem seems to be that he is not availing himself of the many lessons being provided.
He is so key & vital. Our main source of creativity. Some want to believe players like lamela can do just as well but they can't. We are way worse without him. We are buggered if he goes.
If the rest of our attacking players are just standing there with their dick in hands Erisken can’t do anything as a playmaker.

Today’s loss is much bigger than Eriksen. Son and Lucas should’ve been wide trying to take on players. Instead they were mostly standing next to Harry.
The game showed what happens if you don't freshen up your squad.

It's that simple and whilst we have new players only Lo Celso played today.

For Pochettino's sake he has to pray the likes of Son, Kane, Alli and Eriksen start to fizz, ahead of the newbies making an impact.

Or he's going to be on the precipice. I hope he pulls it round.
Lazy, slow, no off ball movement, no penetration. A bunch of midfielders that pass sideways to wingbacks that can’t move or cross. Never gonna succeed unless we get pacy fullbacks with the approach we play. Gonna be a long season .


Moaning isn't moaning if its about our other fans.
If the rest of our attacking players are just standing there with their dick in hands Erisken can’t do anything as a playmaker.

Today’s loss is much bigger than Eriksen. Son and Lucas should’ve been wide trying to take on players. Instead they were mostly standing next to Harry.
It is strange why they dont take more responsibility especially when eriksen isnt there. You think they would thrive attacking teams & making things happen.

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My mate just sent me a kilo of Surstromming. The can is inflated from the pressure of that nasty shit trying to break out. I'm terrified of it. Can't bury it, can't eat it. Throwing it away probably get me fined.
It's a bio hazard. Wear your Hazmat suit when dealing with it and borrow a Geiger Counter.
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