Tottenham Hotspur v. Manchester United (Wembley)

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It's going to be difficult as we are tattered

Aurier Foyth Toby Davies
Winks Sissoko
Dele Eriksen Son

7-2 spurs. Sissoko is going to hit from the half way line. thrice.

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I think we will be alright with 4 full days rest. If you can call training rest.

I'd like to see


Rose (assuming injury isn't bad)




Any chance Jan might be back? I'm guessing Dier is looking at around end of the month or early February?
I think we need to reshape the team, the diamond is great when everybody is fully fresh but when they are tired the spaces between players in the middle are far too big and it becomes impossible for us to build play in the centre and move up the pitch.

Chelsea's 433 totally nullified our attack aside from one punt over the top that led to a penalty, United will play in the same way with Matic, Herrera and Pogba in the middle and they will have had a huge rest since their last game, we have to be smart. We need to match them up with a 433 and go from there.

Aurier Sanchez Alderweireld Davies
Sissoko Winks Alli
Eriksen Kane Son

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It's odd but all the pressure is on United, first big test under Solskjaer, up against a side who've played a very tough semi-final whilst they've been sunning it in Dubai, and a loss casting them adrift of the top four.

Four days rest for our boys is plenty, will be interesting to see if we play the high press or let them come on to us, either way we can get at their defence.
I really hope Rose starts.. but we know full back rotation is the law of the Poch. I feel Rose will be helpful with Son on the left flank.

Son to give us a lovely little send off.


Chess extraordinaire
Play like we did the last time we played them at Wembley, we have no chance.

Play like we did last night and we've also got no chance.

I'd like to say the diamond doesn't work but we keep winning when playing it. But the amount of space the opposition gets is worrying and we simply can't give this rejuvenated United team space.

We need to press the shit out of them. Get in their faces. Give Solsjkaer a problem and test his coaching ability. Make them feel every tackle.

Trippier - Sanchez - Alderweireld - Rose
Sissoko - Winks - Dele
Eriksen - Kane - Son
This game worries me. We have loads of injuries still, the other players have played a lot of games lately. Utd have energy at the moment. We are better than them but circumstances are in their favour at the moment.

Hope I'm wrong but I think we will drop points.


"A spoonful of sugar..."
They may be playing better going forwards but they still look dodgy at the back, they just haven’t played anyone who could test them in that sense
Attacking well and often will be key...

They'll be up for this no question. We have to match their energy.
Id like us to play 352 again with the remaining fit squad. But for this match, i think we should stick with diamond shape.
Cause i feel their attacking players are on confidence boost lately and playing 3 at the back will felt like invitation for them to take initiative.

We have to start strong in our passing game cause i believe deep inside they will scare of us. Then slowly kills their tempo.

Cant helped but think this game will define our second half of the season.

Btw, read somewhere MU fans were pissed when they hear Mike Dean will officiate. Wtf is wrong with people? It was funny when it looks like he is celebrating our goal. Do people really think he is a Spurs fan?
I guess Tottenham Hotspur are undoubtedly the team to fear now.
Cause i dont see myself making a fuss over a suspicion (vaguely) for officials neutrality if we are to play against the likes of Everton or Leicester.

We've got more than enough time to get sufficient rest after playing Tuesday and not having this one until Sunday so I say we go for full strength, expose a Man U team playing with freedom but a lack of tactical astuteness under Solskjaer and do them by a couple.

I'm confident, I think we'll win 3-1

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Narratives galore with this one! Hoping that we show the same grit we had against Chelsea, because I feel like this will be a much harder test than the reverse was.
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