Tottenham Hotspur v Crystal Palace (14 September @ 15.00)

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Carpe Diem
We had a Chinese fish and chip shop in our village and the owner's daughter would help behind the counter. They had the plastic cutlery sets for sale but the poor girl used to ask you if you wanted some back to front. So instead of knife and fork when she said it the other way round with her accent it sounded just like "You wan fuckin knife ?".
I went in with my wife one evening and gave her the money for two fish and chips, then stood well back. The horror on Mrs. B's face as this girl shouted "You wan fuckin knife ?" to her all over the shop was so funny. Everyone in the queue was pissing themselves laughing. It was only when she held them up in front of her did my wife realise her mistake.
Still laugh about it even now..... :roflmao:
Crystal Palace into the Champions League places with a 1-2 win at the Spammers. We were 4-0 up on that lot after half an hour three weeks ago. Levy, Lewis and Pochettino all share blame in this shambles but this group of players are a disgrace as well with all the talent and ability they have.
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