Tottenham Hotspur v Chelsea Rent Boys

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My one and only club
Good win v Watford, Vertonghen and Walker are back from suspensions, Alderweireld back from injury, I still can't forget how these fucking cunts mathematically ended our title hopes last season I was so fucking mad, this year they ended our unbeaten run, I just hope we smash these fucking pricks and make their season go to shit.

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If only we had Lamela back otherwise full strength.
I would 100% go with the same formation as today.


Subs: Vorm, Trippier, Wimmer, Davies, Sissoko, Son, Janssen
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It will be interesting if Pochettino switches formation to counter the expected style of Chelsea or tinkers.

Going to be an absolute classic of a match with all Spurs fans demanding payback.
We played 3-5-2 today, so play the same formation. Should hold out very well against their 3-4-3.

No silly defending like Watford's consolation goal: Chelsea will punish us.
could get pwoper naughty. I reckon lots of the chelsea old boys would want to say their "goodbye" from WHL, and lets of out boys would want to come kick their fucking head in

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Louisiana Hotspur

Özil: looks shite.

I just woke up hungover and completely missed the game. I haven't missed a game since 2013 except a couple of times when I was working! Jesus H fucking Christ.

Fuck 2016.

Well I guess 3rd in the table and a Liverpoolish goal diff will have to suffice.

Hello 2017!

I suppose I'll watch our new signee score a hat trick against these assholes, that would be ok.

Unless he's not in the team.

And they lose.

And we don't sign him.

In which case...

Fuck 2017.
Obviously, we must score first and then defend with conviction.
We are showing some brilliant form coming into this and there is no reason why it should all fall apart against them. They are in exceptional form themselves and will feel confidant against us. I honestly believe we are the better team and at our best-will not lose. They have just hit a formula that works for them (counter attack/long ball football). Italy played exactly the same in the Euros and was successful until you come up against a footballing side. No mistakes and score first-we will see the real Chelsea. They will struggle with ideas if they have to chase the game. Our FBs must've get forward until we have good possession. They will not want to get forward in numbers too often so should suit out style, we must just be careful not to get over excited, sucked in getting forward-keep our shape and beat these C**ts....COYS
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i think we will go a goal down in the first half, and end up winning this one 3-1.
The cogs feel like they are starting to turn with our team, nice to see key players hitting a bit off form, it time to expose these rent boy frauds! Fucking well up for this one! :walker-scream:

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I am convinced we will win......Ive wanted their run to continue purely because it needs to be us that ends it.
The Lane at night, the last time ever we play them will be deafening.

The last laugh is always the best, and its time to put the 2-2 and the game at theirs this season into the past.
No one will remember that, but the history books will tell who ended their run.

Unlucky 13 you chav cunts
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