Top Five Spurs Premier League Goalscorers For Season 2019/20

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I guess the thing that comes out from this is the realisation that we have 4 or more players capable of being in double figures for goals scored in the PL - Kane, Son, Moura and Dele.

And we also have players who come close to that in Eriksen, Lo Celso and Lamela

With a number of other players capable of chipping in with a handful, Winks, Sessegnon, Ndombele etc. and ones or two or more from defenders and other players

Its a good position to be in when we have lots of players capable of scoring goals for us. as we aren't so much reliant on a few players being on form.
50 apiece for Kane, Sonny, Lucas, and Dele. Lo Celso will struggle and net only 40. No one else will score (other than Tanguy's opener in the opener). Best GF in any fucking era. We'll probably concede around 239, so I predict midtable mediocrity.

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Carpe Diem
Kane 31
Son 21
Lucas 16
Dele 14

(For funzies)
Kane 29
Son 14
Lucas 11
Alli 10

Just doing for fun anyway..
Be interesting to see how you both do. The secret to success I think will be in the selection of the last three where the combinations are quite varied. It's great to see we have quite a few players that members consider capable of scoring double figures this season. Let's hope they ALL do :thumbup:
Depending on the robustness of his ankle, and whether other cunt teams deliberately target him, barring injury I fancy Kane to absolutely smash the arse out of goals this year. Golden boot, record PL goals, and 9th on the all time PL list; 24 more league goals will send him there.

Other positions I’m not so sure on, but Kane will be 3rd in our all time list and in touching distance of Smith before the season is out.


Carpe Diem
Okay Eriksen didn't leave in the Summer window so he's now locked in to selections. Not changing choices if he leaves in January...too late in the season. Personally I think he'll wait for a free move anyway.


Carpe Diem
Just to bring you all up to date (11/11/19). Spurs have 18 goals from 12 games at the moment but one of those was an own goal by Patrick van Aanholt (Crystal Palace). So we have 17 goals scored and the scorers are :

Kane 6
Son 3
Lamela 2
Alli 2
Ndombele 2
Moura 1
Eriksen 1
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I would have said 18 goals in 12 games is really bad, but Sheffield are 5th in the table with just 13 goals scored. In fact, there are only 4 teams that scored more than us (City, Chelsea, Leicester and the bin dippers - the top 4 essentially).

This says a lot in my opinion. Mainly that there were just 4 teams that performed to a decent standard so far and also that a better defence would have seen us on a much better position in the league. We can still finish in the top 6 if turn things around.
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