Top Five Spurs Premier League Goalscorers For Season 2019/20

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Carpe Diem
I shall add a proviso that anyone who selected Eriksen can change that to another player should he leave the club BUT the number of goals you predicted still stands...only the player's name changes.
Ok....good luck.....
Entries accepted until 5.30 pm tomorrow.
Kane - 32
Son - 13
Moura - 12
Dele - 11
Lo Celso - 6

Note to everyone: Most goals scored in Premier League is 106. So I don't think our top 5 is beating that.
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Bill Nicholson. Mauricio Pochettino.
Kane - 29
Son - 16
Lucas - 13
Lo Celso - 11
Erik Lamela, yes, Erik fucking Lamela - 11
Kane - 28
Son - 16
Alli - 10
Lucas - 8
Lamela - 8

*Borodin bonus
Parrott will get a PL goal this season.
You're welcome

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