This day last year.

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The Fighting Cock
Thelonious World Peace
One of the best days of my life, walking out of their stadium screaming North London Is Ours! Wonderful!!
I watched it at 8am in the Dominican republic with South American Spanish commentary! Screamed my head off at every goal.

Was drinking at the pool with a grin on my face by 11am... Grinning at a guy in an Woolwich shirt who looked devastated

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I watched with a hangover after the night before.

Went on to get absolutely hammered and was singing to a gooner "two-nil and you fucked it up" outside a local club at 3 in the morning.

:bale: :rafaaaa: (we need a kaboul smiley, after the 4-4 125 years game and the 3-2 win)
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