The race for top four.

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9 points from 5 games and not getting spanked by City and we will get top 4.

But we really need Brighton to win tomorrow against Cardiff nearly as much as we wanted Watford to take points off Woolwich today.
Eh. A Brighton win against Cardiff is nearly the same as as Woolwich dropping points?? How???
The times Woolwich luckily go on a winning run at the end of the season. Sickening. We must end up above them in the league.
If we don’t, we’ve only got ourselves to blame. We were strolling it until that shit run of form let them claw it back.
If the boys let me down I will be fucking gutted. Can’t bear the thought of gloating gooners & the return of St Totteringhams day

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Spurs GD: +30
Woolwich GD: +26
Chelsea GD: +21
United GD: +19

Not unthinkable that the goal difference will play a role in the end.
I reckon if Man City beat United next week & Chelsea lose or draw with Man U up at Okd Trafford that we'll be alright. The two big ones for me for the rest of the season are West Ham at home & Bournemouth away. That GD gives us a little more space than we hoped 70 minutes into that Huddersfield game. Big old end to the season we have coming up pal
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