The Newcastle Yo-Yos vs. Wembley Hotspur

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No thread on this yet? Surely I'm just missing it somehow.

So I managed to bag literally the last student and staff ticket from my university for this. Was trying to get two so my missus could come too but there was only one left for sale and, let's face it lads, I'm as chivalrous as the next man but she can go whistle if she thinks she's having this. Only £21 too. Not bad at all. Apparently the games this season are going to be £15-£25 depending on who Newcastle are playing, so I am anticipating a bargain bucket £15 fixture when the Mags play West Ham a couple of weeks later.

Who's going? Where are people drinking before and stuff? Will it be too hot for me to wear a top over my Spurs shirt while in the stadium (of course not, it's Newcastle).

So glad the season is very, very nearly back.

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Alright, alright, keep your wigs on. I was simply surprised there wasn't already a thread and had to think on my feet.

I'm actually considered quite an amusing and funny guy by my mum. (Not my girlfriend, she thinks I'm a bellend.)


Is it this season that grounds have to have away fans with a terrace by the pitch

Interesting to see where Toon and Utd will house traveling fans..
The Barcodes have been given an extension on the ruling until next year as I understand. Safety reasons or something. Away fans still in danger of interfering with air traffic.

Seven Sisters

Hold my beer....
I dont want to sound like a scouser, but I really have a feeling about this year. If we can get revenge for Toon's last match in the PL and then settle into Wembley quickly (starting with a confidence boosting win over the Chavs) I think we will genuinely win silverware this year.

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