The Mighty Spurs Vs. Everton .KO - 5th March 1:30 pm

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Not so much hidden significance, more blatant tbh.

It's just a poignant sign that they must get along well off the pitch and have quite a close friendship if they're all coming up with little things like that. It suggests more of a bond between the core group (like they have a little club, rather than just being at one).

Unless Poch has thrown in secret handshake drills into training, it's signifying a positive nucleus to the team relationships.

I just think Dele is a bit of a wind up merchant as well - he'll love that a handshake is pissing off opposition fans.

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"Join me and my teddies."
I don't care one bit about the handshakes. They're having a bit of fun, nothing more. And the reaction to it from fans and pundits is about as predictable as when Kane's called a 'tap in merchant', "penalty stat padder' etc. Jealousy.

Also the handshakes pre-dates Son's arrival. Kane and Eriksen did a less intricate one after the 5-3 win over Chelsea.

It's Kane's thing I suspect.
As I keep posting... It's been going on for years.... (See Walker/Livermore vid from 2011 in other threads).
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