The FA Cup 2018/19

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Formally Christian's Eriksen
The FA haven't thought about this at all.

Woking vs Watford should have been the Friday night games as they are both in and around London area. Our game should have been on the Sunday.

The FA Cup has now become all about viewing figures. It was always a Saturday competition, but now they are all stretched across the weekend to bring in the most foreign and national viewing figures.
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We were taken over in the summer and have a budget now of £5k a week which is big in terms of the national league north. We average around 1000 at home but have a huge catchment area. Unfortunately with Everton and Liverpool on doorstep we can’t compete. We took 800 yesterday and a few years back sold 3000 for a fa cup trip to derby. The game would be a sell out.
Obviously we’d lose but I’d expect it would be a new ground for many of you guys

Famous people from Southport. John bishop and unfortunately mark lawrenson but the towns new star is tommy fleetwood
What's your opinion of money-bags AFC Fylde?
So, so fucked off with this. Really fancied it, but I can't take the day off on the Friday so close to Christmas. I suppose at least it gives some lower points ST holders the chance to go to an interesting away game. No way back other than wally coach, driving, or staying over.
Hi guys, Tranmere fan here (son is Tranmere/Spurs fan especially Harry Kane). Just to let you know we dont have a clubhouse as such but rather a “fanzone” -basically a tent in the car park. Serves a whole range of interesting beers rather than the usual rubbish. I can recommend the gamma ray beer- around 6% and £3.50 a pint. Away fans are always welcome, we even let Wrexham in - there is usually a massive police presence for them so cant see why you wont be allowed. Also has post match live music for those that are staying. Not tried food in there but usually has stuff like curry and rice etc for £3. Give me a shout if any questions. Looking forward to it.

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I really want to go to this but just cant get back to Nottingham/derby area after the game! Anybody fancy driving in exchange for a match ticket?
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