Tanguy Ndombele

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Chess extraordinaire
Off the ball, he's been bang average in both games. Hopefully it's just him, a new team, a new league and a new system.

However, on the ball, he's exceptional.

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On the missing list 1st half, bit better 2nd half. Early days.
That was the champions we were playing.
TBH I was expecting a bit more because supposedly it was his display v City last season that earned him his transfer.
I know stats mean nothing but he had the most completed dribbles and tackles of any player on the pitch tonight.

I agree he looked a bit lost at times off the ball, but everyone looked lost today.

He is a class act and I honestly believe he will grow to be the best midfielder in this league over the next few seasons.

He’s totally different to anything we have had before and he is just what we need.
Every time he gets on the ball looks confident, clearly needs to work on his fitness. Doesn't have the energy to constantly show for the ball which left our centre backs passing between themselves a lot of the time. Also was a bit sloppy off the ball letting runners go but he will get used to it and once he does oh my word what a player he will be because on the ball he is fantastic.

Think it works out well for him that with the exception of Woolwich we don't play another top six side until the end of October. Hopefully will have improved that side of his game a bit since then.
He has a languid style that is never going to change, he is not the type to run back quickly or buzz around trying to win the ball back. He doesnt have DM qualities like Dembele had

On the ball he is exceptional

We still need a Dembele replacement :dembelewtf: or a better and fitter Wanyama :wanyama:

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Off the ball, he's been bang average in both games. Hopefully it's just him, a new team, a new league and a new system.

However, on the ball, he's exceptional.
I just mentioned him in the game thread, but the problem as you state was him off the ball. He didn't want the ball at all. He more or less was running away from the space that he should have been entering to receive the ball. Was real poor in helping us build up from the back. All we needed was an outlet and once Winks was off, we had none.

Watching city was pretty fun. They have such a weapon in Ederson, who can just by pass the first line of pressing with his passing. Something we lack, which makes a CM duo of Winks and Ndombele all the more important. Again, I mentioned this in the game thread, but Winks was the wrong person to come off for Moura. He was our only semblance of confidence on the whole pitch.
I don't think we watched the same game. He was average like most of our players in 1st half, but in 2nd he was probably our best player. He's not DM, but he denied a lot of City's attacks.
On the ball, special player, finds room everywhere.
If be interested in watching him live to see his movement. He didn't stand out at all yesterday so those stats are interesting.

His clearly a very good player but like in the lich thread I'm interested in seeing how Poch sees him going forward.

I like the idea of a midfield three with him winks and lo celso with Alli being seen more as one of the forwards to hopefully bring back his goalscoring touch.
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