Tanguy Ndombele

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Fingers crossed, I’ve got a good feeling about him. Saying that I did about Soldado too.
Soldado was never going to be a success, he didn’t have the attributes for the prem at all. And that’s not speaking from hindsight.

Fans from other clubs are trying to force a Bakayoko comparison on N’Dombele, but Tanguy’s skill level and IQ is miles clear.


You gotta trust ole Gibbsy.
What must the poor bloke think now.
Well, if he's reading this forum lately he's probably thinking how negative, entitled and whiny some of our fans are.

Other than that, he's probably excited as hell to play with a side with such quality, in an amazing stadium, with one of the world's best coaches to learn from, in the best and most prestigious league in the world and looking forward to Champions League.

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VAR........ Blind leading the Blind
Did anyone actually think that you didn't pronounce the 'N' in Ndombele? What is Gold on about?
Actually, the 'N' is sooo soft that you could say it's not pronounced.
I reckon the chant won't have an 'N' in it, unless it's at the end, from the top of the throat, with your mouth shut, kind of like a short grunt when you're on the bog, getting rid of that little dangler...

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh Tanguy Dombele - - - N

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About a minute in, when asked about Ndombele, Poch very much looks like he has to suppress his smile. Along with "He has the quality to add to the squad. To do bril..." Catching himself saying it and instead going "ahhmm to do well".

Almost as if he's truly excited, but doesn't want to create too much pressure.

We can all watch the highlight reels, even full matches last season and create euphoria amongst ourselves. But when our outstanding manager looks this excited a week in, then the sky's the limit :pochhail:
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