Tanguy Ndombele

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Hiiiisss...name...is..Tongee Dombele,
He’ll take us to Wembley,
He came from a team in Francey..(LYON)
When he walks down the street...

And you get the idea. At least that’s a popular tune that doesn’t get sung much these days.
Fucking hell!

Are we going back to Wembley?
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VAR........ Blind leading the Blind
I sense such massive expectations on the head of this guy. Let's hope he fits in, adds something to the team and enjoys his time at Spurs. I really want him to succeed.
As far as not scoring enough goals is concerned there are in my opinion two reasons. Firstly some players just never get in the box enough to get the opportunity such as Dembele. The other reason is the player like Sissoko and Janssen that get into the box but then miss sitters. I am never confident with either of those 2 players scoring however good their position in front of goal.
Not sure what category Ndombele is but whilst Winks does not score much when he gets the opportunity because he does not have defensive duties it puts away a good percentage of them.


Shhh, be quiet
Tanguy Ndombele on Mauricio Pochettino: "It is difficult to describe but he knows how to touch people, to leave a mark on people. He looked at me in the eyes and said: 'come with me, I am sure that you will progress'."


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