Summer 2019 transfer thread

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Juicy Sushi

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Come across this on Twitter.

Wilfried Zaha has told Crystal Palace that he wants to leave the club this summer to go in search of @ChampionsLeague football.

Would you take him or is he too big for his boots? Attitude stinks at times, but when he wants to play he’s immense.

Also, can imagine Palace putting a 50m+ price tag on him...
Not worth the fee and wages he wants.

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- Barca and Liverpool in for De Ligt
- Man City negotiating for N'Dombele
- Liverpool talking with Fulham on Ryan Sess
- Tielmans with a VERY good offer from Leicester

Let the Spursy transfer window commence!

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Our star signing "No Player" helped us reach a champions league final, just saying..
Seriously, imagine going on and winning the thing without signing a player in over 18 months, we mere fans can never argue another transfer window ever again🤔
Think of the millions we spent over the years just trying to get into the CL and failed.....there is just no logic🧐


Now I'm a big fat dynamo!

Grealish, Maxi Gomez, Joachim Andersen (and Bale too) all have the same agency.

They also represent a lot of current Spurs players.

So targets having an agent that knows how to deal with Levy make them a tiny bit more likely to sign with us imo.
Not just knows how to deal with Levy. In his own words likes to deal with Levy.

We can also add current Spurs players Ben Davies and Kieran Trippier to his clientel.

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It's understandable and with mighty fine reason that we probably should not be seeking to do transfer business right now but....

Fcuk me, has there ever been a club who come up with more excuses why players can't be bought?

I am fully expecting the '11th toe rule' to be introduced during the course of this summer's window and the #doesn' website to be overladen with the surnames of Levy and Pochettino.

Cynical tones are me.
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