Summer 2019 transfer thread

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Had a monster of a year last season. Been up and down this year. Flat track bullying smaller teams but generally going invisible against the bigger ones. But that is also a bit symptomatic for all of Lyon.

He's good with potential to be a true dominant CM. But this last season has lowered his price if you ask me. But Lyon ain't going to say that.

He was brilliant home and away against City


Willing to send post and packages
At no part in my reply did i say he was........................

But please tell us about all the inside info you have
9/11 was a black op by Israeli intelligence to ultimately weaken Arab territories hostile to their ambitions.

But don't tell anyone.

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You know I ball like Ndombele
Tielemans should be a priority over Gomes, but Sky reporting it means jack. Probably just to get the money in on Skybet.

But if were in for him he’d be a great addition. Something we lack massively in the middle.
If we wanted Tielemans why didn't we go for the loan in January.
Maybe our perception of him has changed over time, he has started 13 matches in the Premier League (3 goals, 5 assists)? Maybe they didn't know much about him back in January or doubted whether he was suited to Premier League football..
Maybe our perception of him has changed over time, he has started 13 matches in the Premier League (3 goals, 5 assists)?
Probably, but that's incredibly short-sighted if true. It was a loan deal and we needed help in the midfield. It's no risk at all for Spurs to bring him in. Now we have to get in a bidding war over a player because he did well in 4 months at Leicester?
Signing players that have already played and done well in the PL is the easiest and least risky way to improve.

Sessegnon doesn't even need to move house, he'll settle in immediately.......the more glamorous South American teenager will probably hate London and ask to leave after a month
100% right. Our best buys have been from the EPL. Add Rose and Dele and here are our buys from English teams.


Fantastic success rate compared to our foreign buys.

Edit: Here's the ones that have left:


I can't see us selling both Trippier and Aurier, but:

Trippier: £20m
Aurier: £18m
Wanyama: £10m
Lamela: £20m
Nkoudou: £7m
Janssen: £5m
Llorente: free

--> £80m
Total £80m is about right. GKN will go for less and Tripps will go for more.

We've been linked with Bristol City's Lloyd Kelly today as a potential long term Vertonghen replacement

20 years old, 6'3, left footed, can slot in at left back too.

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One thing that really impresses me about our forwards is their two footedness! I really think we must be the only club with 3/4 forwards who are are incredibly proficient with their "weak" foot. Kane can generate power and precision on his left, Son looks so comfortable on both, I'm actually not sure which is his strongest!

Eriksen's late Strike vs Brighton was with his left foot!

Also, how about this, Lucas's hat trick vs Huddersfield was all right foot BUT his very next hat trick vs Ajax was all with his left! Mad no?! that's gotta be a statistical anomaly!
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