Summer 2017 transfer window or, waiting for Godot

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I like it. Lets try and see what happens. Clubs can always say no and the players need to learn the new deadline is before our transfer window closes.
Hopefully it will be the first step to everyone moving.
More importantly the players need to learn to respect a contract that they've signed. They need to realise that a lot of responsibility comes with signing a contract to be a professional footballer and it's not all about them. They've been given a beautiful gift in life where they get to earn a fortune doing what they love yet it still isn't enough.

You sign the contract, you commit to the job and you'll never have to worry about your finances again. Football really has become a circus I'd like the clubs to continue acting like they are of more importance than the player like a few clubs demonstrated this summer
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Juventus CEO Giuseppe Marotta says Serie A's 20 clubs are in agreement to "set the end of the transfer window on Jul 31" in Italy. "The transfer window is exhausting," he said recently. "It's become a circus."

But the German league (DFL) said there was no clear consensus among the Bundesliga's top clubs.

"The theme of the transfer window - regardless of the decision of the Premier League - was on the agenda of today's general meeting of sports representatives of the Bundesliga and the second Bundesliga at the DFL, and it became clear that there is no definitive opinion among the clubs," said a DFL spokesman.

Read more at Football: Premier League to close transfer window before season
Poor effort from the Germans, and I will tell them so when I go to Dortmund.

Oh, blatant 'I'm going to Dortmund' boast! :dude:
Let me ask you this simple question.

If Levy was in charge of Real Madrid, would he "Bid before our purchasing window closes"?

Would he fuck. He would wait until the very last selling day and pile on the pressure. And a player who is unsettled doesn't give a shit if we get a replacement in or not - they're just going to hand in a transfer request and try to force a move.

You say that "Liverpool, Woolwich, Chelsea held onto their stars", yet...
  • Coutinho hates Liverpool for rejecting Barca, he was crying constantly while on international duty. He won't perform this year.
  • Sanchez hates Woolwich and isn't going to put a shift in at all. He told his family and close friends it was a done deal and may refuse to play for Woolwich.
  • Costa ran off to Brazil and said that he wouldn't even train with Chelsea again and that he only wants to join Athletico.

    How many games have these players played for their club so far? 0, 1, 0. Brilliant, well worth keeping.

In all 3 scenarios you've got the club refusing to sell a player and the player reacting badly. Do you think any of those 3 players are going to hit incredible form this year? Not a chance. All three see this as a wasted year they can't wait to get through so they can go in Winter/Summer window.

Saying "Oh just don't sell the players then" is overly simplistic. An unmotivated Eriksen or Dele is almost useless in a system like ours, at that point we may as well just sell and not get a replacement until Jan, which obviously negatively effects our performances on the pitch and where we finish.
It is interesting to see how other clubs offset this. We have seen how the above players have behaved and will probably continue to behave, it makes sense then, to identify a successor before this occurs.
Ajax, for example, when a player leaves they ease another player in who knows their system, and their philosophy.
Clubs like Sporting, Monaco etc. perennially produce star players who go on to bigger clubs, yet still challenge at the highest level.
Clearly this would not apply to unique talents like Messi, but it would be a good way to 'future proof' the club.
It may not be perfect, but it is much more than just damage limitation, and whilst it is better to take the money for these players, we would not be left in a situation where we have no replacement a la Berbatov.

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Where's the Kaboom?
There never even used to be a transfer window.

I think it absolutely needs to change to before the season starts, but for all leagues. Problem is, not every European league starts at the same time.

Id get rid of the winter window.
we used to have transfer deadline in march. lasted till the end of the season, so it was more of a "no transfer" window
Ive noticed strong parallels between TFC transfer threads and the War on Terror. New threads being opened while old ones still simmer, growing disenchantment among the participants, no one even sure who the bad guys are anymore...

All we are missing is a Mission Accomplished banner.


Now I'm a big fat dynamo!
Ive noticed strong parallels between TFC transfer threads and the War on Terror. New threads being opened while old ones still simmer, growing disenchantment among the participants, no one even sure who the bad guys are anymore...

All we are missing is a Mission Accomplished banner.
Only once Pep is sacked. That will be our equivalent of Seal Team 6 getting Osama
there are plenty here that would disagree with this simply on the grounds that Levy negotiates, and doesn't just sign a fat cheque ofr the asking price
We have (or Levy has) been very shrewd in the market. I've voiced concerns about his brinkmanship but give the devil his dues.
A lot of other fans are envious at how we manage to pick up real quality for very reasonable fees in the current climate.
The frustrating issue with the transfer window business is it is absolutely a direct example of an issue whose solution is the mandate and purpose of existence of UEFA/FIFA....

But then I suppose there's no bribes to be coerced regarding sensible legislation.

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