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"To comply with UK law, tickets for Barclays Premier League matches can only be resold with the written authorisation of the relevant football club. Although StubHub has a partnership with this football club, we cannot currently allow sellers to list tickets for these matches. You will be able to buy and sell tickets for the 2013/2014 season, so please check back a few weeks before the season starts."

Looks like it might be open market next season. No doubt Levy will be circumventing pesky members and posting tickets with a 300% markup on there.

Whats wrong with Ticketexchange? Or if you really want, do the fucking leg work on release day
Everton and Sunderland are already with Stub Hub. Take a look at the Stub Hub site Everton v Liverpool this
Sunday (no idea how to put links up). Two tickets are listed at £250.00 each.... It looks to me you put your ticket up for sale at the price you want. Stub Hub take 25%? of the sale price. looks like official touting to me which in turn will bring the club a bigger return. Nothing wrong with ticket exchange works fine for me
when needed.

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StubHub is the tits for American sporting events. I always get tickets for less than face value. Don't think it would be good for an event that is permanently sold out though(Spurs matches).


Shelf Side Tottenham
This is a bit unrelated, but you know those fellas that stand outside, WHL station and outside the club shop selling tickets - how much do they ask for their tickets?
They are giving it the big promo today on the official site.

I can't see how this could possibly be a good thing for the average Tottenham supporter

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