Steven Bergwijn

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Does anyone know what that hand gesture where he partially covers his face with crossed fingers means?

Perhaps someone more familiar with 2010s pop culture thx
It's a celebration in FIFA (game), he's just copying it because that's what he always chooses in-game (muscle memory with a controller in hand). He'll change it now it's an issue, unless it's unique to the 'real player' world, in which case he will probably trademark it 🙃

[Update]: Who am I kidding, EA have definitely already trademarked it. Probably auctioned it off to Stevie B.
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A great article, well worth a read folks:

Really good article. Sounds like a top lad, & his dad sounds like a bloody good bloke too.
can’t believe his fall out (as a kid) with Ajax seems to have started with them not providing him a new pair of boots when his were worn out and being angry that his father bought him a pair.
What the actual Fuck??

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