Standing too close to Eriksen

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This time last year I would have been devastated if he left. Now I am close to 50% each on him signing a new contract or leaving. The worst case scenario is neither with him running down his contract and leaving on a free. He will be hard to replace but he has been disappointing on the big occasions and maybe is not the man to win the elusive trophy.
When his performances are taken in isolation they very rarely standout, but when reviewed as a collective they are among the best.

Which is why certain people ignore 6 games in a row where Eriksen was shite, because in the previous ten he scored 4 and got 5 assists
Don't doubt his quality doubt his commitment to the club. The drop off started before Winks got injured and he was forced to drop back, without knowing 100% what happened he's been crap since the rumours of him rejecting the new contract started. So if we doesn't wanna be here we should sell simple as. We replaced Bale and Modric by downgrading on them and upgrading in 3 other positions so we need to do the same simple as, also he ain't in there league and never will be.

He's been a great servant and a great player for us but no one is irreplaceable, and using his funds to sign someone like Lo Celso will be a close as a replacement as we will get.
Our midfield balance has not been quite right since we lost Dembele and I wonder if that has some effect on Eriksen this season. That centre midfield is neither settled or as good as it could be.

There are the standard things - doesn't like a header, not great on corners and not physically strong but when he plays well he has a rare intelligence, he can create wonderful crosses and through balls and has a decent eye for goal. We sort of know these things, I have that feeling that we can replace him and yet we'd still miss him, I'm very 'on the fence' with him still.
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