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Spurs 6 of the best from the 1980s.
The genius that was Glenn Hoddle

Never seen that vid before so thanks for posting it. Hoddle is my favourite player, the vid highlights his incredible skills that were rarely televised but us Spurs fans were lucky to see every week.
His mastery over the ball was unsurpassed, he instinctively knew when to put back spin on a pass or for the ball to release on the first bounce. I have yet to see a player come close to Hoddle in all honesty, the imagination and vision he had was simply class.

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Seven Sisters

Hold my beer....
My god I remember Chinner back in the early 90's. I was at a game (can't remember which one) when he got ejected from the Paxton at least three times. He was one of the real characters, good to see he's looking well!

A short history of Tottenham Hotspur's White Hart Lane stadium starring Sir Kenneth Branagh. The film was made by Theo Delaney who was the creative director of the 'finale' show.

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