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Hope this link works, sure to bring a tingle to the spine. Made me miss my spiritual home down in N17 more than I realised I did. If only Davinson, Serge, Juan, Paolo and Fernando were able to experience WHL as a Spurs player to completely understand what it truly means to be a lillywhite. Enjoy

Just ran across this video of VdV schooling Wilshere. I wasn't able to watch this game, I was in a business meeting, but I made sure to keep track of what was happening through a mobile app. Anyways, always been a big fan of VdV, even going back 7-8 years. I've been following Spurs for a few years now, seriously for a couple years. My jaw dropped when I found out we landed VdV.

Could watch this all day, it needs to be included in that godly "Club that Bill Made" video.

I'm really thinking that I'd like to get a VdV jersey as my first Spurs jersey, maybe next year (hoping the UnderArmour isn't hideous). Of course that's contingent on whether or not the 4-4-2/Defoe camp runs him out by then.

This is top class. Players like Van Der Vaart were born to play for Spurs. Love it!

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