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Spouting bollocks from a distant land
"...and that big fucking red square was an abomination."

The kit might have had that big fucking red square, but I still want a pair of 08-09 socks from the home kit.

Back to watch the first video, again.
Thanks. There's a lot of things in there that still make me laugh.

"...opted to do a strategic foreclosure..."
"...once crossed the Canadian border by accident..."
"...actual black guys...that really resonates with me."
"Jermain Defoe is a beast. Dat's my nigga fo real."
"I'm going to put you on front street, now."

Pretty funny indictment of American suburban white guy - of which I am being guilty. :innocent:
There was a fantastic one on Youtube with music by 30 seconds to Mars - closer to the Edge. ant find it tho. need.

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My videos of all Spurs goals 09-11 if anyone's interested.


Fucking furious.

"We have disabled the following material as a result of a third-party notification from FA Premier League, claiming that this material is infringing"

My Vaart goal celebration video was deleted, not as if I recorded the match in general. The Celebration recorded was by no doubt the point where they were showing highlights of the goal. Sick of it.
I once stumbled across "a day in the life of Jermain Defoe" type video on YouTube in which he learns a goal celebration from a group of street dancers and then does the dance after he scores. I've never been able to find it again. Anyone else seen this?

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