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It's very, very easy to get excited watching players on youtube, but that video of Scotty Parker is immense. I watched the game, thought he was great but I didn't think he was that good.

I hear he had 84 passes and 95% pass rate. Imagine Palacios doing that! And they were not all sideways or backwards, a fair few penetrating passes in there. Also the amount of times he got battered, got back up and kept playing. If he does this consistently I can't see anyone challenging for his spot.


The Fighting Cock
It's in that video above. You can't really see it though. I think he elbowed him in the throat or something when Parker ran past him.
But you don't actually see what it was, other than what seems like a elbow to the throat. The Danish commentators said he should have had a red card. What a cunt

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Case said:
I played the first one to my Mum earlier and she started crying haha. She's not even into football or anything really but such is the power of the video!

I realise by mentioning my Mum on a forum, I leave myself wide open for abuse. (much like her legs etc...yes, very good.)

she does the same thing with my cock in her throat :rock:
Thelonious Filth said:
He should've credited @danlouw. He's done a few more away day videos, all of which are awesome
Yeah, those Away Day vids are great. Here's a couple of XtraNormal videos I made two years ago poking fun at American fans like myself. The second is Tottenham related.


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