Spurs v Villa 19/20 Ratings and Ramblings

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You know I ball like Ndombele
Lloris - 6 - Nothing he could do for the goal, didnt have much else to do for the rest of the game.

KWP - 7 - Good game. Always looked solid in defence.

Alderweireld - 6 - Didn't have too much to do.

Sanchez - 6 - Poor first half, solid second half. Needs a big season and more game time. So much potential.

Rose - 6 - Bit sloppy with the ball sometimes, but offered an outlet going forward.

Ndombele - 6 - Great goal. Thought he tried to hard in the first half, but when moved to a more natural position he looked a lot better second half.

Sissoko - 5 - Wasteful with chances. Good assist for the third goal. Formation didn't help him.

Winks - 6 - Always looked good in possession.

Lucas - 6 - Should have scored in the first few minutes. Kept running.

Lamela - 5 - Poor but for his assist. Never takes his preseason form into the season. Might be harsh but I don't know where he fits in when Alli, Eriksen, Lo Celso, Son and Sessengon are all back.

Kane - 7 - Quite first half, much better second half. Goals prove why he's the best around.


Eriksen - 8 - Changed the game completely. Vital we keep him. Praying he signs a new deal.

Skipp and GKN - No rating.
I blame him.

He was too interested in tangling with the attacker rather than concentrating on the ball. It happened more than once.
I can't see Toby or Jan getting caught out like that.

Rose ? Yep should of been quicker to react/spot the danger.
Are you serious? Our centre back was marking their centre forward (their most advanced player) when the ball was lumped forward 50 yards towards said centre forward - Sanchez did his job he is not supposed to track a runner from midfield.

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My one and only club
The reason we conceded the goal was because we didn’t have a DM to track back McGinn’s run. Sissoko was too advanced, Sanchez didn’t see McGinn making a run. Also notice how big is the gap between our most deeper midfielder (Sissoko) and the back four. So easy to exploit.
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