Spurs players you have disliked the most (excluding Judas)

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'you middle class out of touch cunt!'
It was ALL in the Eyes mate....
Berbatov looked like a movie star. He melted hearts, and seduced a generation of Spurs fans!
The inevitability of him leaving us for a 'better looking' girlfriend was obvious... We felt like we'd been cheated on, and it hurt! We were the lover scorned!

Whereas Keane just looked like Stan Laurel's Grandson... He was probably just grateful for what he could get!
Stan Laurel's Grandson who supported Harold Lloyd as a kid............

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Frazier Campbell - never stood a chance, granted like a ‘gift’ as loan cover for Berbatov. Not his fault, but he wasn’t up to it. Just used up a squad number. Sad days.
It's what almost made the Berbatov transfer even worse!
Had we just got the full amount of money for him, we coulda spent it elsewhere...
...but a bit here, a bit there, some 'magic beans' and a packet of sweets felt like we'd been fobbed off twice!!

...and we were supposed to be GRATEFUL?!

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Willy Young
Terry Neil
The man in the raincoat

Cundy is in a different bucket as I have no recollection of him actually kicking a ball for us live. This is a man that literally didn't exist in football terms and his "fame" is built as a radio DJ, so there was nothing to hate him for. Dele at the age of 23yrs has played double the number of games as him in his entire 12yr "career".

I have an irrational dislike for Dempsey, which I still hold to this day.
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